Alaya works in partnership with a collective consciousness called O-Shi-Ra, or Oshira. Together their mission is to assist all beings whose purpose it is to live into and co-create the new paradigm. They offer resources, skills and support for Source Embodiment and Freedom.

In 2009 while Alaya was busy with www.vibrationalchild.com, learning about and from the new children coming to Earth at this time about what their mission was all about, she woke up in the middle of the night with a new process and the words “Being in Collaboration.”

She began actively working with Oshira and a small group of students to help clear limbic imprints, generational karma and aspects of the genetic lineage that are no longer useful for them or their future generations.

Together they have been consciously co-creating a gridwork, a platform and an experiential understanding that true collaboration can only happen when you are free.

Alaya offers courses on topics related to growth, empowerment and embodying the Divine Self.

Alaya currently lives in California.

Oshira (O-Shi-Ra) is an aspect of a collective consciousness from a star system far, far away of which Alaya is a part. Alaya is the representative on Earth, here in a physical body so that she can learn and share information that can help both sides. Oshira reaches Alaya through a transition point in the 9th dimension and offers teachings of immense love, compassion and wisdom. Oshira’s mission is to assist the Earth with her growth shifts, and to contribute to a world of sovereignty, bliss, peace, harmony here on Earth for all of her creatures. Oshira and Alaya partner together because of their particular consciousness, purpose and shared origins.