Alchemy: Infusing Light into Matter by Oshira Transcript

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Alchemy: Infusing Light into Matter

By Oshira through Alaya

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Good, allowing yourselves now to settle, to feel the weight of your body sinking in, sinking in to the surface upon which you sit or lie. Noticing any sensations or vibrations moving through your legs. Bringing your awareness to your diaphragm and breathing into your bellies.

Good, very good.

Having that sense of the Earth beneath you, having a sense of the verdant, moist land where you live. The color green often represents growth and change.

Good, allowing your shoulders to relax, having a sense of your ribcage balanced, a sense that that ribcage is protecting your heart, your lungs, these vital organs protected, safe. And imagining, perhaps, a golden sun above your head, a stream of light perhaps from that sun, or simply a stream of light flowing into your head and neck. This is your own source light.

Having the sense of being held, your hips releasing any tension, the bottoms of your feet breathing, the palms of your hands breathing. That even though you are resting, you are dynamically present and alive in your body.

You have been curious about this idea of alchemy, an idea about transmutation, about placing light in matter. And we would say the first aspect of alchemy that you have mastered, and we would like to bring your attention to, is your embodiment, that you have infused your own matter, this body of yours, with the light of your own soul. Now, you have each done this to varying degrees, some of you have a greater degree of mastery in this embodiment practice, but all of you are alive. And so having that sense of the beauty and the perfection of being just as you are, that you know what to do, that you have the resources and the answers within you, of knowing how to transmute energy, how to infuse into matter in such a way as to be effective, as to be relevant for Earth at this time. You know what to do.

And so you might imagine now that, you could imagine yourself running in a field or just simply standing where you are, perhaps surrounded by wild flowers or running in the grass, feeling the sun on you, chasing butterflies, reaching out, grabbing something in the space.

The sense that you have your body, that you have containment, you have boundaries, energetic boundaries at varying levels that you may be aware of. And that you are resonating inside of a greater environment. And so how do you access the energies that are flowing into your dimension, that are not yet in your domain? How do you access them? What do you do with them? And how do you transmute them into matter? How do you infuse them into your creations in such a way as to make something new, a new form?

This is what we think that you are really wanting to know this evening. How do I create something that I don’t yet have? How do I do a better job of infusing my creations with the light of my soul and greater consciousness? How do I artfully infuse into matter specific tones and frequencies?

Now we think that some of you are here to infuse into matter the tones and frequencies that are your nascent tones and frequencies, your home vibration, from whatever dimension where you come from. Wherever your soul group may hail from, your nascent energy signature as a soul, your job is to infuse these things that are known to you, that are your essence, into your creations. You are a creator; one of the primary reasons to be in the Earth plane is to learn manifestation. This is one of the main objectives as a soul, why you come here.

So again, we think that some of you are interested in learning how to do that better, more consciously perhaps, having more awareness. Some of you have expressed a desire to have a more pure and clear sense of your own vibration, of your own purpose and essence and being.

So just bringing your awareness again to your bodies, have a sense of the Earth beneath you, have a sense of your own clear, luminous boundary about you, however you imagine it is fine. You can imagine just a luminous egg or in some other way that you know. It’s okay to make it up. And you might imagine this idea that you have golden energy that is an unlimited source of energy that comes from you, your soul coming into your crown. A trickle or a stream, whatever is right for you.

Good, very good.

And just noticing that in your body. So thinking about that, how do I take the light of my soul and greater consciousness as it’s moving into and through my body, how do I transmute that through this vessel, this critter that I am into the food that I make, into the jewelry, the art that I make? You could even say that you infuse it into your words, into your movements through your body.

And just having a sense of that, letting your system receive this that we are holding in the energy for you. There is much that you can do to open up the pathways and the channels of your own energy system, to allow these flows to move through you unencumbered. Most blocks are mental blocks, some of you have talked about that, wanting to get out of your own way.

Good, opening your hips, and opening the back of your head and neck. And just breathing.

And we know that some of you are interested in something else, that you have a certain mastery over this home frequency and the creation of your home frequency, and your ability to embody, your ability to infuse, your creations with that light, and you are wanting to catch butterflies, you are wanting to access frequencies that are not nascent to you, that are not part of your set-up that you came with, but things that are available here on Earth. Things that are available beyond the dimension of Earth that you would like to bring into the Earth dimension for your creations.

Some of you in this room have had lifetimes where you have been magicians, where you have been alchemists, where you have studied the way that form and matter work here in this dimension, that part of your soul’s journey has been to study this in different forms throughout your lifetimes, your incarnations as a soul moving through, learning goals on Earth in different lifetimes. Just having a sense if that feels true for you.

So you could think that there are these different programs of alchemy. That you might be in the high school program, you might be in the college degree program, or you might be in graduate school or somewhere farther beyond that in your Earth school. So just getting a sense of where you are, there is no one right way. Some of you are very old souls and some of you a bit younger. Each of you, having this as one of your learning pathways, this idea of infusing light into matter, this idea of embodiment. And each of you is a teacher or a model in some form, whether it be with your children, or with your art or work, that as you embody more of this light, as you emanate, as you resonate, as the light is infused in your matter, you become a singing bull, you become, the word that we wanted to use is “healing treatment” for those in your space. That as you sing your note, you offer the vibration, the opportunity for another human being to access the pathways of their own soul’s light, into and through their body become available, because you have walked into the room or because you have walked onto the bus, because you are setting a healing space, a learning space, because you are offering something for sale.

We want you to understand that in terms of purpose and world service, there is not one form that is better than another. It does not serve you to compare yourselves to others, or to make yourself wrong, or to think that there is only one right answer, to make the right choice, the only right choice. Every one of you in this room can trust your soul to guide you through qualities such as joy, such as pleasure, such as inspiration and passion. And while some of you in this room live by those principles, others are learning, so if you are not quite steady in this resonance of living as passion, look to others in the room who are modeling that for you. And in that lies the teaching of what you offer to others, these aspects, these vibrations and frequencies that you embody, that you infuse into your creations, that are like gifts to those that you are here to serve.

Good, very good.

So allowing this to settle and noticing your body, feeling the weight of yourself supported, just breathing here and resting, allowing your mind to feel soft. Breathing, having a sense of your container, the size of your energy as it is right now, seeing if you can notice that front and back, side to side, top and bottom. The air about you that is rich with your tones, and where that seems to end and becomes less you. Just noticing what that looks like and feels like.

Having a sense of your body held now, supported by gravity, good, good. And bringing your awareness now to your heart, as if you could collapse all of your awareness into your heart. And perhaps also in the center of your head, all of your awareness in these two points.

Good, very good.

You may or may not be aware that there are guides joining you now, these are your guides, they are here from a dimension that you are familiar with in the dream time, perhaps. Some place that you visit, some place that you know that has notes and tones and songs and colors, colors that you have been longing for, colors that are important for this next phase of your creations. And that some part of you has been hearing the whispers in the wind, has felt the call, wanting to drink in this information. But where is it? I know it, I know it’s there. And when you are in that dream time you are familiar with it, it is like being home, and in your waking life you can remember.

Allowing these guides now to approach, if you are comfortable, and if not that is okay, just allowing yourself to resonate here in the soft grass.

But if you are ready to explore a bit more this idea, and perhaps have an experience of this place, this energy that is yours to play with, this raw material that is the butterfly passing by that you want to catch, to study, to learn about, to understand, how does that energy work in the Earth plane. I know it in this other dimension, but has it been on Earth before? In what form, what material, what does it smell like and taste like? What is its melting point in the Earth plane? I don’t know, but my fingers want to feel it and my mouth wants to taste it. My ears want to hear its note. Just allowing this guide now to help you, to escort you now as you come with us, just allowing yourself to let go as if you are travelling down a stream on a raft, good, just coming with us now. Good. This guide is coming with you, travelling on this energy.

Good, very good.

You might begin to hear a note, or see a color, stronger and stronger, beckoning you, calling you, calling you to this place, good, very good. And allowing yourself just to emerge into this space in your own timing, good. It might feel like moving through a veil, emerging through a different kind of liquid or medium just, good, joining this space with your inner eyes or your inner senses, looking around and having a sense of where you are. What is around you? What is the shape, the taste, the density of this space where you are?

Opening the back of your head and neck, opening your hips, allowing yourself to begin in your awareness to float or move or resonate. Good, just acclimating here in this space, this dimension. And there is another guide now approaching you. A guide from this space who is going to show you something, teach you something. And so there is your guide who is going be standing by that has brought you here, waiting for you, handing you off to this other guide now, just allow yourself to go. It is safe going with this guide, good, very good. And just allowing yourself to be carried here. The guide is bringing you to an experience, perhaps to a group of beings that is wanting to show you a type of creation, so allow yourself to gather here, to observe.

Good, very good.

And it might be that you are given a robe or some other gifts, just notice what these beings are giving you and where there are giving it to you, in your mouth, in your hands, on your body. What is it, where is it? Good, opening the back of your head and neck, allowing yourself to breathe and receive and acclimate. I will to harmonize here. I open my heart and mind to receive the wisdom of these beings who know something about creation. Who know something about creation between dimensions. So it might be that they are showing passing a material through a boundary, through a layer, through a dimension. Showing you what this looks like, at this side it has this form. Move it through the boundary taraa, something else, just noticing as they do this over and over again.  Showing you, teaching you, good, and looking even more closely now at this filter. What is this filter that they are passing through? What is the substance that they are moving through the filter? Just being curious, noticing however they are showing it to you.

Very good.

And so now allowing yourself to stand with, perhaps, your hands open as they place something in your hands for you to play with. Noticing how it looks and feels. You are a creator, you know how to do this in your home dimension. How does it work here? Is there gravity here? It is heavy, does it float up?  Is it soft? What is it? And they are inviting you now to come to the middle of this circle. And they are inviting you to put it to the area where you can pass it through the filter. So go ahead and do that, however that looks for you. It might be for you that you have a cauldron, and you are putting it in a cauldron.

It could be the way that it looks to you. Good, allowing yourself to move that material in space like you have seen the other beings do it. And notice how that feels, notice what happens as this material moves through the filter. Good, and they are bringing other materials now. And so taking another material and allowing yourself to play with that material. Moving it through that filter, however it is moving through the space as they have done. And they are going to give you a few different materials to try now. And they want you to feel and notice each one. How this is different and how it relates to the filter.

And so it might be that there is one that does not want to go to the filter. What happens if you try to force it? Is there something that you need to do to it? Perhaps another material needs to be added to it before you can pass it through the filter. And so just play here, we are going to hold space. We are not Going to speak unless it is absolutely necessary for a few moments, so that you can have an experience with these beings, of playing with the different materials that they want you to play with. And just let yourself be. Let yourself imagine.

Good, very good.

Good, very good.

And finishing that up now. You can continue doing this, but you begin to hear a call, a bell or some other sound that draws you to a bigger experience. That others in this room, a gathering now, as they are completing their exercise moving into, good, moving into with their guide, the one from this dimension, thanking you for playing now and coming in and bringing you to this bigger group experience. And the beings from this dimension are gathering to observe you. This is not a test; they want to see how an Earth-being interprets what they have shown you, because they want to learn how it works in your dimension. How your mind, how your beingness relates in their dimension, so just allowing them to transmit to you their way. Joining together now, perhaps imagining that you are holding hands or standing next to one another. That you might imagine energy in the middle of this space, among and between you. And seeing if there is anything that you want to do with this. That there is raw material around the space that you can pick up, good.

So that some of you are just starting to pick up the material and put it in the space and play. See which you can co-create here, and these beings are transmitting to you about group creation in their dimension, good. Picking up the colors and the materials that you know how to work with and adding them to the other materials, finding how they fit. Finding where the connections are, good. Some of them repel like two magnets, others will be absorbed, will become something else to play. Good.

Good, and you might notice energy of your heart now, moving through your hands now into this group play. And in this dimension, that heart energy is like the potent, the most amplified, helping to coalesce these forms, so powerful. Feeling that power from your heart, through your hands, through your mind, however you are playing, and noticing how that impacts what you are creating as a group.

Good, very good.

Just letting whatever impressions you are having be the right one.

Good, very good.

And so stepping back now, leaving your creation as the other beings step in, they are going to do something with this raw material for their own purposes. And they are thanking you, they are honoring you, singing a note, humming a tone of thanks for you, for what you have brought to their space. Now the creation that you have made is rather unformed, it is not finished, but what you have started with and infusing your own heart light into this matter is incredibly helpful there, so they are very grateful. It is not often that they have a human energy, heart energy in their space, so again, this is a very potent elixir for them, so they are very grateful. And they are also grateful to be received, to be able to show you by it about how they play, how they create with and through dimension by themselves and in the group work. So thanking them telepathically from your mind and from your hearts. The gifts that you have given them is this presence and this heart energy and your gratitude, so thanking them, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Understanding that co-creation is beyond your time and space, that this is real, that you have the ability to co-create with beings who do not reside in the Earth dimension. Thanking them, thank you, thank you, thank you. And allowing yourself to remember that guide who is waiting for you on that portal, the one who brought you. Thanking the guide from this dimension, varying you back now, varying you back, thanking these guides, appreciating, remembering, coming back now, your guide who will bring you back to time and space in the Earth dimension waiting for you, welcoming you, receiving you and you move through this field, back through this field.

Good, very good.

And just noticing how you change when you move through this filter that is a dimensional filter. What is that like? Coming back now, this guide helping you now, good, finding that sense of floating and being drawn, floating down the river perhaps that you will land on, just coming back, falling on this energy in help of this guide, coming back, good, coming back and remembering your body. Remembering the weight of yourself, remembering your skin and your bones and your teeth, your eyeballs, your toes and fingers, and remembering all these things and breathing.

Good, very good. And just allowing yourself to settle, having a sense once again on the Earth, having a sense of the light of your soul and having a sense of your energy boundary, however you know it. And look around inside of your energy body, what’s there, just see if you notice if a new color, any new patterns, any new feelings and sensations. Oh, I brought back some of that.

Some of that place, was there just something that I brought back with me? Just notice that, it might be something that is useful for you, in which case it will integrate into your system. And if it is not useful than it is probably not there. And if it is there and you don’t want it, you can simply release it. Just release it through your roots or out your pores of your energy body.

Good, very good.

And so we want you to think about this, the energy of your soul and greater consciousness is moving through a filter, is moving through a dimensional shift of denseness in order to become integrated with your matter, integrating light into matter, infusing light into matter of your body, moving through some kind of filter. We don’t want you to pay attention so much to the filter, but to the idea of response with what you just learned. And that as moving through the filter of your body, filtering through a different dimension, it changes, it changes quality. And as it moves through and is digested by and organized by your system, by your mind, by your perceptions, by your thoughts, by your feelings, by your heart, the purity of your space matters. It matters, it matters, it becomes matter, and the purity of your space becomes matter.

That this pure light, the light of your soul, as it seems very pure from your perspective as a human being, moving through the filters of your human body, perceptions, chakras, energy systems, hands, transforms through your system and you are able to make something with clay, with color, with metal, with words, with wood. Remembering what you learned from those beings about how light move through the filter and becomes and changes forms.

And having that sense, grasping that sense of your ability to place the tiniest finger on the clay as it moves on the potter’s wheel to completely shape a new vase, completely make a new kind of cup from one tiny movement of your finger.

Good, opening the back of your head and neck and settling in your hips. Opening your feet and your hands. Noticing the sensations in your body. So how do you take energies that are not nascent to you and bring them through in a way that you can infuse into matter, that is your body, that is your creations? You have to do it in a way that is harmonized with what you currently have. You remember the materials that work within that space, for some of them fused together, others repel, others needed tweaking before they could melt together. Just notice this.

If you are wanting to have millions of dollars and yet you are poor, what has to happen so that these energies can work together through your physical body, through your system, through your mind, through your emotion, through your body, through the layers of your energy fields, so that you can manifest these things that you don’t have? You have the ability to become a master of manifesting in this plane, and there are so many levels and layers to this mastery. There are so many different grades of education that you can dive into, that you can progress through. You can move from high school to college to graduate school in one lifetime. And some of you have done that already in this lifetime.

How does this apply to me and what I am creating in my life right now, the shift that I am sensing, the transformation that I am wanting to have and create, how does this apply? Finding your energy body, finding the weight of yourself supported, remembering that you have this infinite source of soul light moving through your body. Remembering those beings, what did they show you?

And your mind may not understand for some time, but you will have an “a-ha” in the shower, while you are running, some key to how you tweak this so that it matches with this, so that I can move it into my life, through the filters, from one dimension into another, through a transition space, through an interface. I know how to do this. I can take an energy that is foreign to me and weave it to my creation simply because it’s pleasurable and because I am curious. Maybe because I perceived that my child needs this nourishment that I have in my own system, but I can access it. I am like a mother bird who digests, who eats and then feeds the baby digested food. I am able to do that for my child, this energy that he or she desperately needs.

I am able to do this with energy which my student needs, because they are a younger soul than I am, because I have access to dimensions from where I hail, and they need information in this time on Earth from my dimension I’ve forgotten. And I know how to access that information and bring it through into this dimension. And offer it and serve it as a meal that is delicious to them because I have listened to them. Because I have sensed and seen them and I have the ability to translate, to transmute energy from one dimension, from one level of resonance and vibration to another that needs, that craves it. As a being on Earth resonating with the body of the Earth. I have the ability to access notes and tones, information and wisdom from dimensions that I have accessed to and bring it to the Earth plane.

I have the ability to organize my own energy so that the energies that are streaming to the Earth right now can be used for the greater good. I can do that, that’s me, I am an alchemist. I understand how to infuse light into matter, I understand transmutation. I understand how things that might want to repel each other and find their way to be one. I understand that, that is me, I am an alchemist.

And just letting that settle into your system now. That understanding of what you are and what you can do. What you can access.

And as you do this and as you allow your system to digest, to integrate, and as you feel the Earth beneath you and clear boundary of light about you, that is you, clear source of light that is you above you, perhaps flowing in, filling you. These new tones digesting, lifting your awareness to include this group, a group of souls that has been in this journey together with you. Imagining in your mind’s eye that you are making a circle. Oh, you made a circle in that other space too, making a circle here, standing in the light of your own truth and your own center, standing in a group. And in your own timing, all you need to do is turn your light on, put the switch, let the others see you.

This is who I am. These are the materials, the information, the frequencies, the songs, the colors, the notes, the gifts that I have, that are mine, that move through me. And allowing them to begin to flow just from where you are standing, out and through you heart, perhaps in your mind’s eye, out and through your voice, just in this inner space. Perhaps even through you hand, the middle of the circle. And as each of you begin to do this you can see how this flow of energy begins to develop. Attracted essence to essence, creating beautiful forms of energy in the center of the circle. That you might imagine the energy and the light of the person to your left or to your right starts to flow around the circle. And you might be aware that your guide is with you, perhaps behind you. With the guides are flowing energies, also through your hearts, to add and amplify the energy that you are creating here together as a group of souls. And you might say what are we making, we are weaving together beautiful soul signatures, gifts and consciousness, you are making something new.

Just noticing, good, how the group energy body forms and shapes, perhaps even expands to fill and encompass the whole circle. And that as a circle or an orb of a group of souls, a group energy body, you are resonating this pure light of essence, of gift, of truth, of purity, of who you are, woven together in a beautiful group work, harmonized with the truth and the beauty and essence of your friend, perhaps, or someone you never met across the circle. And you could imagine now that this message, this essence of soul, signature of alchemy, of essence is emanating now, pulsing. And that the verdant rich soil is absorbing this light. It is like fertilizer absorbing this light. And this light is sinking into the soil and sinking into Earth, sinking into the planet bones, she is thirsty for this information, she is thirsty for what you bring, for the gifts that you bring. And she is drinking this deeply into her bones, flowing this through her meridians.

Good, very good.

Just allowing this drain, there is far more energy that you have generated together than any of you can use. So you are receiving that what serves you, and you are allowing the rest to flow like water off the ducts back into the Earth. Your guides are helping you to do this.

Good, very good.

And just letting that go, just letting that go, telepathically thanking the members of the group, telepathically thanking the guides, telepathically thanking the Earth. Beginning to move away from the circle, beginning to be drawn, good, back into your centered, individual body. Your individual body, you individual boundary, individuated self, and thinking about what you want to create. Who you are becoming, and just imagining a creation or a project that you are working now at this time, and allowing some of this energy, this excess energy that has pulled into your system, it is vibrating in your system, to flow out into this project. Just like how the Earth absorbed the Earth energy, allowing your project to absorb and receive. It is okay if you have more than one project, there is plenty of energy here. Let it just drain the excess energy from, good, the run-off, let it flow into your project or projects.

Good, breathing and feeling your weight and allowing this energy to continue to move. If one project is full, finding another and if all of them are full, just letting whatever you don’t need just flow into the Earth, to w into your neighborhood to another soul, a person, a plant an animal will benefit from this energy that you have created.

The trees love this energy. Imagine placing your hand on the trunk of a beloved tree and just letting her drink in these frequencies into her roots and up into her leaves.

Good, very good.

Thanking your guide once again, telepathically thanking your guide and allow that blending to dissipate as the guide steps away.

Good, feeling once again the bones of your own body, the weight of your own body. The boundary of your skin. The boundary of your energy body cocoon, however you imagine that at whatever level, clear, complete, whole, connected as source of Earth, connected as source of light, whole and complete, loved, safe.

And as you are coming back softly now, with your breath and your awareness on that weight, being held by that steady tone of gravity, that tone of gravity that is so reliable in your dimension. Feeling gratitude for being in a body, feeling gratitude for what you understand about creating in this dimension, understanding how much you do know about this already.

As you come back, bringing back with you memories of dimensions, of creators, of alchemists, anything that you want to remember, just bringing it back with you so that your conscious mind has a memory or an image or a thought that will serve you as you move into your next steps.

Good, continuing to come back now, resting for as long as you need. We recommend at least five minutes with your eyes closed, at least that long, possibly longer, resting, integrating for as long as you like. We will have Alaya put on some music for you to just rest. We have all done so beautifully and it is such an honor to be with you and to play with you in these ways, so we thank you.

Good, coming back.

And with that for now, we wish you so much joy and pleasure on your journey.

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