Energy Manners Part I

Energy Manners Part I

Psychic Invasions

In the last week I have had a few psychic invasions of the “benevolent” kind.

Can you relate? I thought you might. If you are feeling drawn to group work and developing consciousness, it may be time to take a closer look at this.

These were not malicious invasions in that these folks do not consciously intend me harm. I’ve had my share of those. Those are worthy of discussion, but they aren’t the topic of this note.

While not malicious, this type of invasion can be nearly as physically painful, depleting and distracting as the version caused by ill intent.

But then, if they are truly not malicious, shouldn’t they respect me and leave when asked?

“Please kind sir, get out of my head.”

Nonverbal response of knocking everything over in sight, bullying and demanding what he came for.

“But kind sir, you may have this information if you simply go over here.” (pointing him to classes, private sessions, blog, etc).

Nonverbal response of not being interested in actually asking for what he wants or admitting that he wants it in the physical realm because, clearly, he has all the skills he needs to get what he wants. He can just take it! Ha!

Ouch. It hurts! Actually, physically, hurts. “Well then I will have to remove you.” And out come my bouncers and fire-breathing dragons!


When someone does not leave when asked, then it becomes a violation. Even if they did not enter with intent to harm, a refusal to leave could be construed or experienced as a level of harm.

Can you think of why someone would behave in this way?

Knowing these people as I do, I am quite sure they would not barge into my bedroom and stand over me at night or walk into my house when I wake up and sit on top of me while I’m having coffee.

But it’s so close to the same thing for me. My experience of light beings, of energy, of telepathy is so close to my experience of the coffee. It’s different, yes, but equally real.

Would you walk into Trader Joe’s and grab a bunch of bananas and then walk out without paying? Would you take your groceries to the line and push over the people in line and force your cart to the front to get there first?

I know you wouldn’t.

And how would you look upon someone doing that? Would that go over well socially?

For some of us, the psychic invasion is just as tangible as these scenarios at the grocery store. If you are like me then you are going to have to deal with this in order to get your work out. You can’t hide forever. I’ve tried, It doesn’t work. LOL. Besides, we need you.

The good? This hasn’t happened for a while and I forgot it was a thing! They got through my boundary and so in part, this is on me. It’s alerting me to shore up my boundaries further and prompting me to write to you. Clearly, it’s important for what is coming through about group work and many humans waking up and moving into 5d.

See, sometimes when people have a certain level of skill in their own development, they can travel on the grids and access information or bust through boundaries. But just because they can, does it mean they should?

Are they conscious they are doing it? Are they doing it because there are no social ramifications?

What if these kinds of things were visible? As more and more people wake up, as the veils thin and drop, will it be possible for an energy bully to pretend they are magnanimous? Will energy manners become more important socially?

As we move into group work, levels that most of us have not yet had to consciously master will be illumined.

  • What if you aren’t sure if you are doing something like these things?
  • Why would someone do this?
  • What can you do about it when it happens to you?

Stay tuned. We’ll explore those topics in the next posts.

Partnership with Light Beings

Partnership with Light Beings Level I

  • Is it time for you to begin or deepen your partnership with non-physical helpers and guides?
  • Does your life’s work and world service involve light beings or partners in other dimensions?
  • Do you have an interdimensional family, ready for you to remember them?
  • Have you been drawn to channeled materials?
  • Do you work with a muse in your art, writing, or business?
  • Have you been on a path of growth for a long time and something has been missing or just out of reach, some connection that you can taste, touch, feel, sense but you need for it to be more clear?

In this class you will have the opportunity to…

…deepen and gain clarity about relationships you may already have with benevolent, high-frequency beings of light.

…become conscious of these relationships, perhaps for the first time in this lifetime.

Some of us are very old souls, here to develop and master skills of living in the earth plane. Some of us have connections and relationships with beings who do not live in this dimension. They may be are our friends, partners, family, and our biggest fans and allies.

In some cases, we are the emissary in the earth plane for this group. We are the ones who need to show up, heal ourselves, and be the one to fulfill our destiny in this dimension.

Some of our non-physical helpers will help us on our growth journey. Some are waiting for us to be ready to partner with them, so that together we fulfill a greater mission or destiny than we or they could fulfill alone.

Are you ready to engage this level of your purpose?

In this live Zoom course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet your friends in other dimensions, guides, interdimensional family–whatever connections are drawing you to this opportunity
  • Connect, blend, bond with them
  • Understand your shared purpose
  • Develop pathways for communication with them
  • Creating the beginnings of a plan and understanding your next steps
  • Understand your own energy signature and boundary, in comparison
  • Connect with other human beings who are exploring, living at this level, raising their frequency and clarifying their own purpose
  • Come back to yourself. Remember why you are here and who you are.


  • Wednesday October 16th 10am-12pm PST
  • Saturday October 26th 11am-1pm PST
  • Sunday November 3rd 11am-1pm PST


Live on Zoom

Remote participation approved for this course.

This is not a channeling class. If you are interested in channeling, there may be a follow up Level II class in 2020, live in person, where you can learn to channel the guides you work with in this Level I class.



Sign up now!





Vision – Live with Alaya

Vision – Live with Alaya

On the theme of manifesting and creating your ideal life, a class on vision.

Topics will be informed by the group gathered and Divine Inspiration and will likely include:

  • What do you want? Clarifying the vision for your ideal life, in alignment with Divine Order.
  • Beautifying, refining your vision. Getting good at imagining it.
  • Imagination as a sense and as a tool for creation.
  • Commiting to your vision, “this or something better.”
  • Holding a high vision for others. Seeing them as their highest self and soul. See them receiving all their good.
  • Receiving your true worth and value. Allowing yourself to be seen this way as others hold a high vision of you and see you as your soul.
  • Connect with and receive from your Future Self. Illuminate, accelerate and or ease the path from here to there.
  • Contribute to the collective, a living shared vision of what soul live and soul love on earth could be. Co-create a clear, high vision of humanity and what’s possible.

Logistics TBD. Check back soon. Guides and I are visioning. 🙂



Co-Create New Human Prosperity

Co-Create New Human Prosperity

Join a group vortex to get your money circulation going, open up your channels of giving and receiving, align with Source, and amplify the power of your manifesting.

Many prosperity teachers talk about the power of imagining ten times what you pay for a bill coming back to you. Example: As you write a check for $50, you thank the Universe, God or Goddess for bringing you $500. Many also share about the power of tithing, or giving a tenth of your income back to God as a path to authentic, lasting prosperity.

In this group, we will explore and practice the skill of multiplying by ten, while immersed in the light of prosperity and circulation of energy, in accordance with divine order. Your contribution is 10% of what you engage with and manifest with this work. 

In this group,  I am opening and offering an orchestration of light and flow so that you may learn, grow and prosper.  I offer you my time, commitment and focus, my skills and connections in the realms of light. You contribute your energy to the group, your willingness to engage, open to receive and honor my contribution to you with your tithe or “donation”. Together we co-create a beautiful upward spiral with unlimited potential for financial abundance. By freely and openly giving and receiving we manifest and generate a flow of money for the benefit of all involved.

Prosperity Explored and Experienced

  • Money is pure. Money is energy in the earth plane.
  • Using your imagination as a sense and to create
  • Holding a high vision of yourself and others
  • Opening the channels of giving and receiving
  • Circulation
  • Joining larger flows and gridworks
  • Gridworks of the new human, the new earth
  • Power of Ten as understood and utilized by ancient civilizations

Soul Qualities Invoked

  • Alignment –with your higher self, divine self, the divine order, earth evolution, humanity’s next steps, and more
  • Integrity
  • Purity
  • Trust
  • Surrender
  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Harmony – with your current state of being and your environment
  • Freedom. For many, money represents freedom. We can embody this quality and thus become more magnetic to the things we think will bring us freedom. In this case, money.
  • and more…you can add in qualities you bring to our group vortex.

As with everything I offer, this will all be in alignment with your soul and the divine order. You have a purpose and it is in divine alignment for you to be fully supported to fulfill your unique destiny.

This is an experiment and should be fun!

Is this for you? Group participation agreements:


  • Come with a sense of adventure, openness to learn and play.
  • Commit to your own prosperity, even if you aren’t sure if you believe yet or know how.
  • Commit to equal exchange and integrity with Alaya regarding your 10% contribution. (See below for guidelines).
  • This is group work, live together. Participate, engage, be present, have your video on. This is private and the video recording will not be shared.


  • Driving, food prep, multi-tasking.
  • Video off.
  • Don’t come to just test the waters and observe or to be proven that it works or have things done for you. This is for committed, open-hearted and ready participants who are committed to their own growth, who are jumping in fully, contributing their light, flow, purity, love and earnest desire for the highest and best for all.


Next offered:

  • Tuesday October 22nd 10am PST (90 mins to 2 hrs)


  • Live and in-person ONLY.
  • There is no recording for this event.
  • If you can’t make one offered and want to, please email me and let me know. Ask to be added to the mailing list if you are not already on it to receive updates. I am adding times as we go. Check back often.
  • You must participate with your video on
  • Please be on time. Alaya will lock the event at some point.
  • Please enter as you would enter a temple or a church. With respect, an openness to receive and learn, purity of intent, mind and heart.

Join here:

Contribute your 10% tithe here, before and/or after:

Via paypal:

Via Venmo: @Alaya-Barnes

Checks: Alaya Barnes P.O. Box 1361 South Pasadena, CA 91031

FAQ How does the 10% work? What is tithing?

  • Your energy exchange and agreement for participating is to release 10% of what you receive from Source to Alaya in exchance for this work. Your abundance could come in the form of cash, a gift, a massive savings, an inheritance, a tax refund. Your tithe is 10% of the value of whatever you received. If it is one dollar you receive, your tithe is ten cents. If you receive ten thousand dollars your tithe is one thousand dollars. The amount is not important. Your integrity and clarity around 10% is important.
  • Please read texts on tithing if you are not familiar with the practice. See Catherine Ponder and Mark Victor Hansen below.
  • You may put money into the pot as an initial thank you to Alaya and as an intention or anchor as to how much you want to play with and multiply. Work with that amount during the session. See what happens. Maybe you feel confident to work with more than that once you are in the energy. After the fact notice what comes. Notice what changes. The trickiest part is going to be developing a level of clarity of what flow that is coming to you to tithe. You could decide to tithe a month’s worth of flow that comes after a session. Sometimes the work we do will come in months later. And as you develop consciousness you will have a sense of cause and effect, and know what to tithe.
  • This is an honor system. The ancients tithed their way to wealth and you can to. It’s a change, or might be a change in how you think and do things. The guides and Alaya know that everyone has the ability to know clear energy exchange, and this is an invitation into that purity and clarity. You will self-responsibly navigate this with integrity. If it helps you to say “one month” or “six months” or to create a time-based structure, do that.

Thank you!

See you soon!




P.S. To learn more about these ideas, refer to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder, The Miracle of Tithing by Mark Victor Hansen, The Game of Life For Women Florence Scovel Shinn, Creating Money by Duane Packer and Sanaya Roman to name a few.

Testimonials and Participant Experiences

What I did want to tell you was that on friday they told me my car needed 4000 euros
work done on it. So I checked on the internet and saw that there were a lot of people
complaining of the same problem for that year. Anyway, the garage and I contacted
the manufacturer to see if they would take care of the bill. I had some intense feelings
of panic, lack, injustice etc. After having done the times ten I tried to change my attitude
to abundance, love, flow, thinking about it as an opportunity to grow, change my car,
look for the positive. Today I got the phone call saying that volkswagon will pay 100%
So isn’t that amazing!! Times Ten saved me 4000 euros!
A neighbor stopped by with a bag of avocados from her tree this afternoon — something that’s never happened before! She lost her husband in the past six months, and was doing it as a way to reach out to neighbors and feel supported. Through an act of sharing the abundance of her garden. Seemed like a beautiful expression of today’s energy.
Hey, how do I donate to the Times Ten thing after the fact? I can’t seem to find the link. In addition to the avocados, we got a bigger-than-expected tax refund yesterday.
I only put £5 into the pot and the journey was one of the most emotionally difficult ones I’ve had. Two days after, I was given a large bag full of the most beautiful scarves! Their combined worth is probably more than £50!

Session Notes from Alaya

October 13 2019 Session I

One of the participants likened the experience to the kind of energy and group consciousness exploration of our former Inter-dimensional Activism group. Others felt it was perfectly aligned for their particular spot of creating their vision and purpose manifesting as form right now. Some had aha’s about blocks to receiving or old beliefs and their roots, and some are already reporting form-based abundance flowing to them after class.

It was clear to me that everyone in the group had certain grids they were connected to or operating entirely inside of –from the perspective of “prosperity” which was the focus of our group. And at one point in the class, I became aware of a grid just on the outside of our group energy body. It was golden, very “light” and seemed huge. The guides talked about it as what is available now and where we are going in human evolution.

As I focused my awareness here and created an interface for the group, those in the group who were ready could then allow aspects of that grid to flow into their system, to the degree they were able to receive and digest. It was clear to me that some people were really ready and drinking this in and others were shifting to new gridworks related to their next steps but different than this one.

On that note…this work will meet you where you are and is full of respect and honoring you. Your soul and Divine Self, your guides are in charge of the experience. This kind of expansion and light can absolutely trigger growth shifts of all kinds. For you that might be a flood of aha’s and material abundance, or it might be time to deal with something you’ve pushed into your subconscious or body to be dealt with “later”. So please be mindful, self-responsible and respectful to yourself. Play and join as you are drawn when it feels right for you. You can join all of them, maybe one is plenty, or maybe it’s not quite right for you.

Lots of love and hope to see you!


Foundations for Group Work and World Service

Foundations for Group Work and World Service LIVE! with Alaya

This course will be a deep dive as well as an indoctrination into your next phase on your journey. For you it may be an initiation into a new phase or support for clearing and stabilizing the phase you have already embarked upon, regarding your life’s work and world service.

Course Content

This course focus will be tailored to you and the group gathered. There is a lot to cover here and the guides are great at encompassing your needs and the divine purpose and intention of this work.

The vector initiated for this course and intention is to explore the following topics:

  • Divine calling
    • Clarity, Commitment, Alignment, Conviction, Passion
  • Your role in the greater group work
  • Responsibility and Connections
    • Gridworks, Relationships, Soul agreements
  • Completing storylines
  • Releasing with integrity and compassion
  • Discernment
    • Energy signatures – yours and others
    • Boundaries
    • Working with a pendulum
  • Anchoring in alignment
  • Activating future potentials
  • Opening to receive
  • Trust and Abundance

Who this is for:

You feel called into your next storyline on your journey of self-expression, fulfillment, and/or service. You may be in transition, in a process of completion, feeling stagnant, unfocused or just chomping at the bit to move forward. You are a teacher, leader, healer in practice or in your knowing. Your leadership may be visible and in form as a healer, corporate executive, community leader, teacher, parent or in some other way. OR your leadershp may be between you and your God or Goddess, your relationship with the Divine as it flows through you. The form is not important. It is your commitment and knowing who you are and calling to step into your role more powerfully, unencumbered and free, supported in the energy and by our beloved Earth, Universe, etc. Ultimately if this is for you, you will feel magnetically drawn and know in your unique way of knowing that it’s yours.


  • Please tune into whether this course is for you. If you feel magnetically drawn, that is a very good sign. If so, take a moment to consider the following:
  • It may feel intense as you delve into the layers and aspects of yourself, subconscious and soul level and beyond. Are you ready for that? Can you digest this in a balanced way?
  • Please intend to participate fully, which includes self-care needs for rest, nourishment, bodywork, journaling or talking with another as a means of integration and digestion, exercise, time alone, etc.

Thank you.


A 7-week online course, live on Zoom

7 Saturdays 1-3PM PST beginning November 2nd

Investment Currently Only $500

Sign Up Now

Special discount coupon is available for graduates of Foundations for Motherhood. Please see your course page “What’s next” or email me.

If you would like to sign up for both courses simultaneously, you may do so. Please contact me: Thanks.

Centered to Serve Mini Course

This series was created in response to and after the US Presidential Election in 2016.

There was much concern in the minds and hearts of lightworkers and others who felt called to contribute in new ways. They asked, “What can I do?” I received texts from students and clients asking for help and guidance. These transmissions were created on Facebook Live at that time.

Most of these meditations are timeless as they were created at the soul level and carry energies of transformation and awakening. Some of these meditations are more time based such as the meditation created in support of Standing Rock.

These transmissions may support your own embodiment, alignment with your divine purpose, and the collective awakening and contribution of good and the one work of light.

Please do not listen while you are driving. Please find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, join and surrender. It is fine to drift or fall asleep. You will receive this at the level that is perfect for you. You may download these meditations and listen to them anytime that works for you.





Centering Meditation

Centering Meditation (Adapted from Forgiveness Online Course)

By Oshira through Alaya

Let’s take a moment and center and connect as souls, and start our day in this way together. Breathe and rest and feel your hips supported. You might already have a sense of your soul and your higher self, maybe even your guides. You might start to have a sense of the energy that we’re in together that’s bigger than us. So inside of that context, good, just letting yourself be in your body. Seeing if you can allow the diaphragm to relax and open and breathe freely. Good, you might imagine a golden sun above your head that is your energy, your Source streaming, trickling, showering down upon you.


Then allow yourself to ground however you like to ground. You can imagine that your root chakra is somehow in connection with the Earth’s root chakra. That everything that is not yours is releasing, and all the energy that is yours is returning to you. You could imagine a wide skirt or deep roots, rivers and streams of energy moving from your root or pelvis into the Earth beneath you, in dynamic exchange with the Earth.

Our home is here for a time, in these bodies. And as you’re allowing yourself to ground and release, open to receive the light of your own soul, even more. Breathing in the quality, the notes and the tones of safety, the qualities of trust. You might think about the tone of gravity –and we find this to be a very nice way to ground because you are focusing on the tone of gravity, you are focusing on the aspect of the Earth’s energy that is incredibly reliable, stable, and that even though there are a lot of changes happening in the Earth’s body, that if you’re grounding in a way that might even feel unstable, that adding in your awareness about the tone of gravity can be very stabilizing and helpful. And also can help amplify some of the tones within you that are true to your essence, that are your home frequencies.

Good, so just breathing, relaxing your shoulders and hips, having that sense of that golden sun above you. You can bring that sun down around your body if you want, like pulling it over your head and along your body like a cone of light, or you can leave it up there. Or something else that works for you.

Just bringing your awareness to your heart. Having a sense that it is safe to learn this material. That you will learn just a perfect amount and that you’ll have time to digest, you’ll have recordings to listen to again. And that you don’t need to push yourself, that you might be ready to fully open your heart and receive this information, and forgive everything about yourself and others that has ever caused you pain.

Or it might be more of a teasing, or untangling, or gentle unfolding, blossoming. Just let that be okay, whatever is right for you. That you are here to learn, that your heart and mind and body are open to the information and energies that are right for you, good, That which is safe and comfortable for your own system to receive and to digest.


Having a sense of your own personal boundary, and you can think about your skin as one level of your boundary, and also the auric level closer to your skin, but energy boundary, clear, balanced, luminous, whole.

And just having that sense that you have all your needs met inside of this abundant, rich place that is you, where you are stably, connected as a being on Earth and also very clearly accessing this infinite Source that is you.

You have a sense of your own energy signature and your own boundary. And from that place of wholeness, just lifting your awareness however you do, perhaps having an awareness at the level of your heart, that you begin to be aware of the others who are centering in this way.

And just recognizing that you can stay centered, and also be aware of these other beings, kindred spirits, souls on the journey just like you.

Feeling that joy, that curiosity, and that tone of respect, that tone of trust. Everyone here for their own purpose, their own learning, their own growth and healing, and recognizing one another also as leaders, as teachers. That as you are very centered and in your own energy and as these other beings are also holding themselves responsibly in this way, kindly in this way. Each having their own experience that is also true that together as a group of souls you are learning together. That you contribute to one another’s learning, simply in the field by the way that you digest the energy that you’re teaching one another about other people.

So simply being in the space with these other souls, you have an opportunity at the level of energy to expand your capacity for compassion, and to help educate and build consciousness around perspective and human frailty and human love. Just acknowledging that, acknowledging each being for their own perfection and beauty, and allow yourself to receive that respect, that acknowledgment for yourself as well.


Just breathing. Feeling that support of the surface where you sit or lie, really feeling your body being held. Thanking your body and thanking all the aspects of your personality who are showing up, who are curious, and just letting them know they are safe.


Very good.

Copyright Alaya 2016 Adapted from Forgiveness Online Course by Oshira through Alaya

Transitioning Souls – A True Story

As is my practice, when I’m drawn I sit, light a candle, call in my guides and ask if there are souls who need my help to transition. This practice stems from a long history of dead people jumping into my body and having all kinds of experiences—accidents, weird sensations, hearing songs. I became aware of this when I was in my early-mid 20’s and needed someone else to help me clear these beings from my body. I had a long gap where I did not have this experience and it began happening again in the last year or so, and I’ve embraced that this is part of my purpose. Helping them transition is easy for me now. And so instead of being at their mercy, waiting for them to grab my attention, I have a deal with them that when I can I’ll sit and offer my help.

Yesterday I was drawn to sit. I called in my guides, set the space and asked if there were any souls who needed my help to transition. I was taken to a group of souls who were killed in a massacre. They were stuck in the place were this occurred, and mostly were not aware they needed help. I am not sure if one of their guides got my attention, or if it was one of them who was a leader among them who had the awareness to call me. It feels a bit like both, that with this leader, he was able to ask his God for help, and the guides —his and mine— created the connection for us.

With the guides I opened a highway of light, a portal for them to transition. It was beautiful. There were many souls, stuck from the trauma. I heard wailing and was aware of many emotions and thoughts of grief, despair, disappointment, hatred and anger, etc.

With all the guides and angels that came to help, we began inviting them to awaken. We called in their angels and guides and councils, their loved ones who had passed who could come be at the border to welcome them.

We invited them to connect with all of the nature spirits, the love in the place that was there the entire time. We connected with the burned trees and trampled flora, and the living trees, plants and flowers.

There were some living souls also, and for some of the dead, they did not want to leave them. I saw in particular a little boy who had hidden and escaped the terror. He lived and has a journey ahead of him that includes living with this knowledge and trauma in his young body and system, although this is part of his souls journey. His mother didn’t want to leave him but we helped her let go.

As we helped them lift out of the emotions and thoughts that were stuck in a level of human reality that involves duality, they rose above into Love and Truth. One by one and sometimes in pairs or groups, they were able to find themselves, find their loved ones or be carried by their angels and guides through the portal into the light. Some stayed for quite a long time, very confused and stuck. They weren’t ready to let go of their fears, their anger, their need for revenge, their hate. For some, they clung to their love of this land, their body, their loved ones who had also died, or had escaped the torture and still lived. They were stuck in the pure devastation at the loss of life’s opportunity. We held space, letting them know they could take their time. There is no rush.

Some of them needed to see and understand their role in the greater service of healing Humanity and the Earth. We looked at their souls purpose and helped them see that this was part of their purpose. To have this experience, and to choose to transmute this pattern in human consciousness and in the body of the Earth, with their passing, into Love. For many of them, once we connected at this level and worked with the body of the Earth, then they were able to go in peace, knowing their contribution and the aspect of their purpose fulfilled.

For some of them they needed to complete the karma and understand the cycle that they had repeated or participated in. They had the opportunity to see the true aspects of God and to embrace this for themselves as well as for their enemies. To see past judgement, to see past hating another because of beliefs about owning land or religion. They could see how they had either hated or attacked others, how they had felt righteous about their beliefs. In this space the guides held, in this big vortex of light, they were able to rise above the conflict, drop their veils, untangle their confusion and become clear. From here they could release and transition.

They were transitioning to a new level, one they would not have been able to find without this assistance. Having transitioned inside of the emotions and thoughts without having made the shift to Love, they would have reincarnated in this gridwork of revenge and the pattern would replay again and again.

We showed them how for many of them, they had been on the other side of this dynamic in the past. They had been the ones to maim, torture and kill the others. We revealed the level beyond this cycle, the level where there is oneness, peace, truth and soul love. They were able to see the illusions, the drama being replayed because of these thought forms and emotions embedded in them and in the Earth’s body here.

The Earth in this place had a gridwork of this pattern in its tissues, and we began to unravel this together, the souls who died, the guides, the nature spirits, the soul of the Earth. We unraveled how it was enmeshed in their own systems, how it would have manifested again in their tissues if they had reincarnated before teasing this out and shifting into the light at the new level they were finding.

In the Earth’s body in this place, as we cleared the patterns, working with the ley line masters and also all the nature spirits around, we replaced this fear energy with love. As the souls cleared it from their systems, each transmuting into love, the Earth was able to release more easily. It was an orchestration of many beings. There was a gash, a wound here from where all of this energy was released. We brought it healing energy for these Earth tissues. It looked like a hole in the Earth that was filled in with a new gridwork of light in its place. Very raw, like a gash in a human body, raw and vulnerable but with the capacity and wisdom to heal.

We completed this process, every soul transitioned, the Earth healing. We thanked all involved, and I thanked all involved for the opportunity to use my gifts and skills, to be received and to contribute. I closed the session.

I do not know exactly where this was or when it took place, but it felt like Syria and it felt recent.

Get un-stuck. Create in connection with your Self and your guide.

Access Your Creative Genius: A Meditation
by Oshira through Alaya

We are so pleased to join you today to play with you, on helping you to unlock your creative potential and access your creative genius.

You may be pulling your hair out, or feeling stuck or having constant interruptions, and that it is difficult to accomplish something that you have before you, a creative project.  Perhaps you have a deadline, or perhaps you have an internal sense of urgency around creating, and that you would like for the energy of your creative genius to move through you fluidly, when you have time to create.

And so we see this as possible for you, that you can learn to dial your energy alignment in such a way so that you can create maximum connection and flow, to allow this source energy to move through you, into the world, through your human instrument, good.  

And so taking a moment to center yourself, to capture the moment of your current body’s position.  Perhaps imagining the task before you, or the project that you are working on, is sitting, laid out on the table in front of you in piles, or objects, or pictures spread out before you.

How big is this spread?  Is it a little pile in front of you, or does it extend for miles in every direction around you?

Just noticing how this project feels to you.  Good.

And so we think sometimes, this, the largeness of the vision can stop you, or overwhelm you, and so this is one piece we would like to assist you with, in organizing the pieces, in allowing yourself to slow down and be in the moment, and to align and connect with your self in a way that can optimize creative access and expression.

We would like for you to feel the air on your skin, feel your body in the chair. Perhaps you are lying down, feeling yourself supported, the textures that press against your skin and body, any sounds that are in the room.  Notice how you are feeling, calm, agitated, tired, excited, sad, happy, just noticing where you are in this moment in time.

And now there is a guide that is approaching to join you in your creative work.  This guide is going to help you align and tune your energy systems in such a way so that you can be uncluttered and clear.  

Good, so just imagining this guide approach, however you do, imagine perhaps that it is coming towards you, or approaching from behind you.  And this guide enjoys you very much and knows you very well, and is so happy to come and work with you.

And so imagining if you will, that there might be a pulse, or a line of light from this guide’s heart to your heart and that this pulse of light that is activated and setting up a resonance between your heart and the heart of the guide’s is also sending a ripple or a wave out through your hands. That the energy of your heart is connecting through your hands into your project, good, very good.

And imagining that this connected place is now connecting with your throat, and your throat is connecting with the throat of the guide, good.  And so that this pathway is opening.  And your heart and your throat are connected, and now your head, the center of your head, good, perhaps your third eye, your imagination, connecting with that of the guide’s and noticing any sensations or colors.

And taking a moment here, and once again imagining, envisioning your project, as images or piles spread out before you, placing them, a few inches or just a little bit in front of your third eye, and streaming this supportive energy of the guide into and through this vision, illuminating, clarifying it, clearing out the cob webs.

You have your own light and flow, you have your own source, and we acknowledge the connection here of you and your source.  And we are allowing and facilitating the light and flow and clarity of your guide to assist you here, to blend with you, to help amplify your own gifts, to help clear this channel of energy that is yours.  This is your project, and in some ways it is a collaborative project between you and your guide, good.

So just letting that energy be focused here in your third eye, just in front of your third eye here.  Good, good, and then bringing your awareness now to the top of your head, the top of the head of the guide, just imagining this, however you do.

Your guide may not look like a human shape. That is OK, just imagining a connection and a flow here, good, very good.  And imagining an area above your head, good. Connecting with an area above the guide’s head, your eighth chakra.


And from that place dropping down through the top of the head and the sixth chakra and the fifth chakra and the throat and into the heart, and a wave going out through the hands, and now down into your solar plexus and the solar plexus of the guide,  as if the guide had an analogous structure where you could imagine that there is a light emanating, a stream, or ribbons from the heart of the guide that is flowing into your human system helping to clear and harmonize and balance your system.

And allowing this to descend now into your second chakra imagining perhaps, lower in your abdomen, front and back.  And then this light descending and opening and clearing of your first chakra, perhaps imagining a brilliant ruby red ball of light.  Good, and imagining that rich red energy flowing through your legs and connecting you to the earth, good, very good.

And so we would like for you now to once again imagine your project and we would like for you to invite a symbol that represents your project, it can be all these piles and pictures and images or it could just be one image.  And allowing that now, that image to come up through your feet, or to come into your body in some way.

Notice where it is coming into your system.  Perhaps it is coming into your solar plexus to be digested and transmuted through your body or it’s coming through your heart or your head.  Perhaps it is coming from all directions and you are eating it, digesting it, with the little mouths of your chakras, eating the energy, eating the images, eating the concepts and the ideas and allowing them to enter into your system, to be synthesized, to be organized, to be digested and assimilated, good.

Imagine this movement through your system like the blood moves through your veins.  Perhaps it is like little lights or colors moving through your system into creating and digesting.  Good.  And your guide now is stepping closer, increasing the blending here between you as if your spine is unzipping and the guide is stepping closer to you, and you are grounded and centered and safe here, and your guide is coming to stimulate you, to amplify your creative impulses, to amplify the quality of focus, and flow, and alignment, and joy, and pleasure, and your heart is beating and opening.

And so from this place of aliveness and connection, we invite you to open to the field, the receptive field of your audience, those who will receive your work.  Just noticing them perhaps you might notice as if there are many lights about the outside of your field or perhaps it is as if you are on a stage and there are many, many beings in the audience looking your way.

And so imagining that there is a resonance or a pulse or a line of light between your heart and this field, so that you are connecting with them individually and as a group, as this field, you do not need to take on their energy but that you are harmonizing, that you are beginning to pulse and flow your creative project into this field, and you are receiving inspiration from this group and you are beginning to feel the pull of their desire for this work and this contribution that will bring them joy, that will inspire them, good, and so this connection is setting up between you, a flow so that more source energy can flow through you because there is a receptive field to receive you.

And so the energy flows and moves, good.

Holding this stable container, configuration, opening your awareness yet again to connect with and become aware of other people, other players, collaborators who may want to get involved, who may want to support your vision, who may want to back you and be a part of the generative flow that is connecting and moving through you to reach these people, perhaps they are providing structure and containment.

Perhaps they are offering foundational support or finances.  Perhaps they are dropping in their own creative ideas to support you and stimulate you.  They have the resources to bridge your creative project with the audience, just noticing who’s coming. There are beings gathering about who like to participate in the radiance of this creation who are being nourished and fed by this energy, good, and as they are connecting, their guides are showing up, they are connecting with their source energy.

Their source energy is flowing through them to connect with you and your source energy as it moves through you and so there is an amplification, good and more energy can flow through you and you are stimulated and you are inspired, and you are focused and calm and grounded and clear, and in your pleasure, good.

And so allowing yourself to be in the center of this equation, that you are the creative force, the hub, that you are drawing to you the people and the resources that will assist you and the people who will enjoy and receive and benefit from your creation, good. And noticing that as this is being received there is a wave coming back to you, that there is feedback in the form of joy and appreciation and money, recognition.

And so feeling this coming back and opening your heart, opening your hands, opening your mind and your body to receive the pure energy exchange. You’re not opening to receive all of the flavors and frequencies of their energy. You are opening to receive the pure stream of appreciation, the pure stream that is the result of your impact, a pure energy exchange and feeling the joy in this and feeling the pleasure in this, the appreciation of those who have received and what they wish to give back in gratitude to you, good.

And so feeling this completing cycle, this open system, this fresh, alive and vibrant exchange of living creative dynamic exchange, and this source energy is moving through you and through your project and it has a life of its own and many beings are called to participate, and to contribute and to join in.

With that pulsing and vibrancy, find your way back to this moment, to your body, to the freshness, to the inspiration and joy in this moment and the next peace that wishes to move through you into form, settling in now and your guide is here with you and you can allow all these other beings to fade in your awareness, knowing that they are here a part of the project, helping you call forth this energy through you, finding yourself sitting upon the chair or upon the surface upon which you lie.  Feeling the weight of you, noticing the sensations and the thoughts and the images that are yours to play with.

And with this momentum and this feeling of being centered and grounded.  Touching once again through your core, through your system, your breath, good.

Thank all of the beings who are participating, thank your guide for standing by and assisting you.  

When you are ready, beginning to work and enjoying it so much.

Good, very good. And with that we wish you joyful creating.