Beauty and Facial Cellular Rejuvenation by Oshira Transcript

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Beauty and Facial Cellular Rejuvenation

By Oshira through Alaya

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Good and welcome. And so we are delighted to talk to you about beauty, about your skin, and about, you might say the obsession of your culture to have youthful looking skin. And about some of the beliefs about what happens as you age, about how certain aspects of the skin degrade or break down and cause wrinkles or sagging skin.

From our perspective, this is somewhat humorous that this is something that is such a focus, so much money and emphasis placed on this in your culture and cultures. Beauty, from our perspective, and we think also from yours is something that emanates from the inside out. It is something that you can develop in your life, by focusing on what is beautiful, what you find beautiful, by appreciating and noticing the things about yourself and others, about nature, beautiful architecture, things you appreciate. This helps to foster beauty as an expression of your being.

You might remember a time when you met someone who at first you did not think was very beautiful, but after spending even a couple of minutes with them, you may have felt that they were extraordinarily beautiful. And so in many ways, we think this is truly what you are after, what you are seeking is being beautiful, feeling beautiful, reflecting the beauty in your environment.

Beauty is an incredibly profound state of consciousness. It is one of the most powerful on your planet, one of the most potent, glorious, and worthy qualities to attain and to become. And so we are 100% in support of your quest for beauty.

And so you ask, “Well, what about the cells? What about the collagen? What about consciousness? What about the reality that cells are constantly renewing and being recreated? Why would there be any degradation of tissue as a person ages if the cells are constantly being renewed?” We would say it has to do with time and the human being’s understanding of time, the passage of time, certain beliefs or understandings about how nature works.

And so we will play with you here, we will engage in the experiment of creating the particular expression of beauty that you desire, in this experiment, focusing on the face.

So just allowing your awareness now just to encompass your face from the inside out, possibly also with your imagination as you see it in the mirror. Or perhaps you have the ability to see your face as it is in this moment, and if so, we encourage you to utilize that ability, but it is not necessary.

And having a sense of the skin and the muscles, just to whatever degree that you can capture with your awareness. The textures and shapes, the areas of your face that perhaps you’re more aware of, any areas of tension, perhaps a holding in your forehead or your jaw. Just include all of it in your awareness, continuing to find more and more levels and layers finding the external surface of the skin, the sense of the muscle, sense of the facial bones, any sensations of sagging or tautness. Perhaps including and tracing with your awareness the area by your eyes that crinkle when you smile, that have in your history caused wrinkles when you were older.


And beginning to move more deeply, being drawn now, just picking at any part of your face. It could be the cheek, it does not matter. Moving into the layers of tissue that are underneath the top layers of the skin that are visible, just moving in. It’s almost, you could think of, like moving through the Earth’s crust. There are levels and layers that have different qualities, different characteristics.


So just having a sense of these different layers and levels, almost as if you could imagine a cross-section of your skin, even if you have never studied what actually the skin looks like. Having a sense of light penetrating through these levels and layers. And we’re going to say having an imagination that there is light penetrating from the outside, and this is not like the light that will give you sun damage. It is light that is stimulating your cells.


And so just allowing that to be whatever and however it is, and bringing your awareness now to your heart. Allowing yourself to connect in your awareness with your heart, and then your hara, the area beneath your belly button in the middle of your body and then in the center of your head, allowing yourself to imagine that there is a tube of light or a line of light that is moving through your core, through your center, perhaps through the chakras or just in front of the spine in the back of your body. You are allowing your hips to release, to surrender and sink into gravity, being held. Allow the sense of your head to open, to be connected with your own soul and Source.

We are now going to call forth the frequencies and the energies of beauty. You could imagine that there are particles of light that are pure beauty, that are being drawn to this core of light that is your energy, that is your body, like iron filings to a magnet. Just noticing how easy and how drawn these little particles are to you, do they repel away, or are they drawn right in?

You can say to yourself,

I will to harmonize with beauty.

I will to initiate beauty.

I will to unify with beauty.

I will to evolve my being, my body, my face, my cells, in beauty.

I will to cause beauty.

I will to act in my system as beauty.

I will to express beauty.

And imagining that this flow of light that is in your core is like blood moving through your veins, and flowing to your face, that your blood flow to your face is being stimulated.


And just noticing how receptive your face is to receive this blood flow, so that you have light flowing through the layers of your skin, nourishing and stimulating, rejuvenating your skin from the outside. And then you have this energy and quality of beauty that is emanating from the inside out. It is almost as if you could hear your cells, as if they were in organization or community, that they are getting some new marching orders. That some of the instructions that perhaps they have had before about aging or breaking down are being replaced with energies and information about plumping, about juiciness, about freshness and youth, and about rejuvenation. The cells are waking up saying, “Oh, I like that better. That is more enlivening, more fun.”

So bringing your awareness to that area about your eyes, and just imagining that you are speaking to the cells and showing them the plumpness and the juiciness, and reminding them, reminding yourself and your mind.

Ahh. You are recreating your cells all of the time. Perhaps finding in your cellular memory the juiciness, the freshness of a cell when you were 20 years old, the aliveness of a cell when you were a child, perhaps a baby. Just showing these alternatives to the cells in your face, giving them a choice.


Perhaps being drawn now to one cell in particular, and just noticing the skin around that cell, and as this energy of your soul and greater consciousness and this energy of the tone of beauty is in communication with the skin of your cell, just being curious now. How does this cell feel about, is it receptive to, this energy? Not pushing or forcing, just noticing.


And as this cell is organizing itself to respond to the environment of this light, good, very good, it is as if the skin of the cell is refreshing, opening to receive, and allowing this information, a divine blueprint of your own beauty to inform.

Oh, these cells are ageless.

They are just constantly being renewed.

They are ageless.

The cells of my face are ageless.

My skin is fresh and soft and plump and juicy.

It is clear, the boundary is smooth, and I am receptive to the quality of beauty.

I am receptive to rejuvenation, to life, to vitality.

I am receptive to allowing the light of my soul and greater consciousness to shine through my skin to be seen by others.

And my heart is full of beauty, that emanates out and up through my whole being and through my eyes and my voice and my face.

That as these cells communicate with one another, they can make choices about aligning with the belief in rejuvenation, with the thought forms of a divine template for your most beautiful expression. And so that beauty for you becomes a way of interacting with the world, a way of appreciating others and appreciating yourself, a way of allowing your light to shine through your physical expression, be it through your face or through your body or through your clothes or through your environment that you create for yourself.

Invite others to see this light, to experience your true nature and to fall in love with your particular style of beauty.

For each of you has a unique style of beauty.

So having a sense of this knowing sinking in to your cells, to your being:

I am beautiful.

I am a new masterpiece and every moment I am constantly reinventing myself, and my cells are constantly refreshing themselves to be the best version that they can be, the healthiest, the most joyful.

That delights me.

 That fills me with a sense of beauty and of love and of freedom, and I begin to emanate my true nature; the qualities of my soul, greater consciousness.

And I understand and know that I am beautiful, and that I love my face, I love my skin, and with my thoughts and my awareness I support my skin for optimal health.

And that I embrace my years and my time here, for indeed it is true that my time here, all that I have digested, all that I have learned and received has contributed to my particular, unique brand of beauty.

The way that I have interpreted the events of my life, and the way that I navigate my life is as an expression of beauty.


And so thanking your cells, perhaps with your imagination taking your hands and touching your face, or you can touch your face with your actual hands, as if you are washing your face with appreciation, with light. As if you could just wipe away anything that is not clear, leaving the radiant glow of your authentic self for all of the world to see. Having the sense of appreciation in your heart and mind, and your body and your expression in form.

I am beautiful.

And then also looking out from these eyes and seeing the beauty in everybody. Seeing the beauty in each experience, each person that you meet. And so play with this. We encourage you to play with this and to see how it impacts you.

And with that, for now, we wish you so much joy and pleasure on your journey.

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Copyright 2011 Alaya