Becoming Joy – Transcript

Becoming Joy

By Oshira through Alaya

And so we are delighted to meet with you in this space to discuss joy, to discuss the aliveness of being, to discuss creation and desire.

So allow yourself to bring your awareness to your heart as if you are placing your hands on your heart with your imagination or your actual hand, feeling your hips settle, feeling the support and the heaviness of your body supported by gravity. Allowing yourself to sink into the surface upon which you sit or lie.

There is a river of abundance, and of love, and of joy that is accessible to you in every moment. And it happens that at times your awareness, your focus is drawn to tune into other streams of energy, other vibrations. And there is nothing wrong with this, but we want you to understand the degree of choice that you have, the degree of choice you have about where to place your awareness, the degree of choice you have about how clear you are.

Once again bringing your awareness to your heart, front and back perhaps being aware of the area in the back of your heart, your rib cage and shoulder blades in the back. As if there are hands of light now – holding, touching this area, helping it to open and blossom as if you had wings. Good. As if you could imagine these wings, or the sense of budding wings beginning to open and unfold from this place in the back of your heart.

Bringing your awareness to your throat – softening, opening as if this area of your heart and your heart wings were connected to your throat, your communication. Bringing your awareness now to the center of your head and your third eye and also to your crown, the top of your head as if your seeing, and your knowing, and your speaking, and your expression were all connected to these heart wings.

Bringing your awareness once again to your hips, feeling the sensation of your hips opening, softening, feeling the energy in your legs and feet, noticing how surrendering and sinking into your hips affects the upper part of your body and the energy flow there. Think about these heart wings and imagining also the area of your root chakra, and the area of your perineum as if there were streams of soft energy running up and down your legs connected to the earth.

Bringing your awareness to your second chakra, your hara, the area beneath your belly button in the center of your body and imagining that is connecting with the root chakra.

And bringing your awareness to your solar plexus, perhaps alive and vibrant here as your heart wings opening and expanding draw the energy of your solar plexus up in connection with the energy flows up your throat, your head, your crown and that this alignment is connecting into place with the hara, with your second chakra, your generative energy and then also with the perineum, your root chakra. Feeling your hip flexors relax, feeling yourself wholly supported by Earth, by gravity, the heaviness, and the weight of you.

And bringing your awareness once again to these wings, these heart wings and feeling the expansive, the lightness of you.

And using your imagination as if suddenly you begin to notice sparkles of light, little butterflies, sprinkles of fireflies in your awareness all about you, perhaps about the area of your head and the area of your shoulders as if this twinkling light energy is beginning to build almost like the hum of bees near the area of your heart down your arms and hands, down your torso, around your hips, down your legs until you are suddenly immersed in a pillar or a tube of this twinkling, sparkling, vibrant light. As if you are inside of a glass of champagne with bubbles moving up your body, tickling your skin, stimulating your cells, awakening sleeping consciousness of joy. Good. Perhaps feeling your entire body vibrate.

Listen. Listen – do you hear a tone, do you hear a song?

Feel – do you feel any sensations?

See – what do you notice, what images, symbols, patterns?

Know – what do you know? Allowing yourself to know joy, remembering a time perhaps from childhood or from being in love where you felt joy, pure, complete.

Taste – what do you taste in this pure container, this pure note of joy?

Allowing each of your senses to open and receive, to experience joy, to awaken your senses so that in your daily waking life you are tuned to the experience of joy through all of your senses, through your knowing and that this guides you as if you have a compass inside of you, your heart wings that steer you towards joy.

And that your senses are so alert and keen to the experience of joy that this mechanism of steering by the stream of joy running through your life, that you easily navigate your life on a path of joy, co-creating joy.

This energy is abundant, unlimited, infinite. It is all around you every moment. And so, allowing yourself to surrender, to open, to know, and to receive joy in your life as much as you desire. And that this energy of joy will propel the manifestation of your desires into your earth life. You see it becomes an upward spiral. The more that you attune to joy, the more that you are aware of joy, the more that you choose joy and create with the tone and the frequency of joy and therefore the more joy that you experience moment to moment.

Allowing your cells to open and drink this in, allowing this to seep into your skin, into your whole being, to saturate your energy field, to fill your chakras, and to emanate from your heart as your wings expand and unfurl and open, your heart open, your chest open, safe, clear, grounded, held by earth, connected to the earth as the spiritual, beautiful being of Source that you are in alignment with, resonating with and as joy. This is your birthright. It is yours for the choosing. Good. And so staying here as long as you like, filling up with this frequency, and this note, and tone of joy.

And with that for now we wish you so much joy and pleasure on your journey.

Copyright 2011 Alaya