Energy Manners Part I

Energy Manners Part I

Psychic Invasions

In the last week I have had a few psychic invasions of the “benevolent” kind.

Can you relate? I thought you might. If you are feeling drawn to group work and developing consciousness, it may be time to take a closer look at this.

These were not malicious invasions in that these folks do not consciously intend me harm. I’ve had my share of those. Those are worthy of discussion, but they aren’t the topic of this note.

While not malicious, this type of invasion can be nearly as physically painful, depleting and distracting as the version caused by ill intent.

But then, if they are truly not malicious, shouldn’t they respect me and leave when asked?

“Please kind sir, get out of my head.”

Nonverbal response of knocking everything over in sight, bullying and demanding what he came for.

“But kind sir, you may have this information if you simply go over here.” (pointing him to classes, private sessions, blog, etc).

Nonverbal response of not being interested in actually asking for what he wants or admitting that he wants it in the physical realm because, clearly, he has all the skills he needs to get what he wants. He can just take it! Ha!

Ouch. It hurts! Actually, physically, hurts. “Well then I will have to remove you.” And out come my bouncers and fire-breathing dragons!


When someone does not leave when asked, then it becomes a violation. Even if they did not enter with intent to harm, a refusal to leave could be construed or experienced as a level of harm.

Can you think of why someone would behave in this way?

Knowing these people as I do, I am quite sure they would not barge into my bedroom and stand over me at night or walk into my house when I wake up and sit on top of me while I’m having coffee.

But it’s so close to the same thing for me. My experience of light beings, of energy, of telepathy is so close to my experience of the coffee. It’s different, yes, but equally real.

Would you walk into Trader Joe’s and grab a bunch of bananas and then walk out without paying? Would you take your groceries to the line and push over the people in line and force your cart to the front to get there first?

I know you wouldn’t.

And how would you look upon someone doing that? Would that go over well socially?

For some of us, the psychic invasion is just as tangible as these scenarios at the grocery store. If you are like me then you are going to have to deal with this in order to get your work out. You can’t hide forever. I’ve tried, It doesn’t work. LOL. Besides, we need you.

The good? This hasn’t happened for a while and I forgot it was a thing! They got through my boundary and so in part, this is on me. It’s alerting me to shore up my boundaries further and prompting me to write to you. Clearly, it’s important for what is coming through about group work and many humans waking up and moving into 5d.

See, sometimes when people have a certain level of skill in their own development, they can travel on the grids and access information or bust through boundaries. But just because they can, does it mean they should?

Are they conscious they are doing it? Are they doing it because there are no social ramifications?

What if these kinds of things were visible? As more and more people wake up, as the veils thin and drop, will it be possible for an energy bully to pretend they are magnanimous? Will energy manners become more important socially?

As we move into group work, levels that most of us have not yet had to consciously master will be illumined.

  • What if you aren’t sure if you are doing something like these things?
  • Why would someone do this?
  • What can you do about it when it happens to you?

Stay tuned. We’ll explore those topics in the next posts.