Centered to Serve Mini Course

Conscious Community

This series was created in response to and after the US Presidential Election in 2016.

There was much concern in the minds and hearts of lightworkers and others who felt called to contribute in new ways. They asked, “What can I do?” I received texts from students and clients asking for help and guidance. These transmissions were created on Facebook Live at that time.

Most of these meditations are timeless as they were created at the soul level and carry energies of transformation and awakening. Some of these meditations are more time based such as the meditation created in support of Standing Rock.

These transmissions may support your own embodiment, alignment with your divine purpose, and the collective awakening and contribution of good and the one work of light.

Please do not listen while you are driving. Please find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, join and surrender. It is fine to drift or fall asleep. You will receive this at the level that is perfect for you. You may download these meditations and listen to them anytime that works for you.