Partnership with Light Beings

Los Angeles, CA – Date TBD
New York, NY – Date TBD
Austin, TX – Date TBD

Learn to connect, blend and become more familiar with a being of light who’s purpose is to assist you with your world service. In this course you will have the opportunity to learn to verbally channel your guide, to deepen this relationship and learn to effectively collaborate with this guide.

Awakening Your Light Body

When: Dates TBD
Where: Los Angeles, CA

Over the course of three weekends, you will have the opportunity transform your consciousness and significantly shift your vibration, enhance your energy skills such as telepathy, seeing and sensing energy, transmission and resonance, relating to and/or working with guides. This is a life-altering course and requires your commitment for all three weekends.

Ripe and Ready!

When: Date TBD
Where: TBD, Los Angeles, California

Come and meet your baby before you conceive or adopt. Join with a group of like minded conscious adults choosing parenthood as their next step. Get into vibrational alignment to welcome your child into your life and co-create your family with your child’s soul and your partner or the soul of your partner if you have not yet met.

You are welcome whatever your chosen method of creating a family–on your own, with a partner, natural or medically assisted, adoption, surrogacy–it’s ALL a beautiful co-creative dance of creating family. Please join us.