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Centered to Serve!

You are in for a treat and a ride! This course was developed live on Facebook with others like you participating. In the aftermath of the U.S. Presidential election there were waves of shock and disbelief, fear and also, a call to action stirring within the American population and around the world. 

In this series, Oshira and other very high guides of light who are here to assist with Humanity and Earth evolution, came through to seed new potentials, to assist participants in centering so that they could find their own highest path through. 

This free course is comprised of 6 sessions. Each session includes a video and a downloadable MP3 of Oshira speaking directly through Alaya. In these teachings, there are transmissions of light to assist you in understanding events from a higher perspective, as well as attunements and transmissions to assist you to root stably as your soul and higher levels of your consciousness, as source, in the earth plane. 

The guides tell us that this work is crucial. There are levels at which we can co-create change, and levels where we push and fight and struggle and simply stir up more emotion, conflict, and turmoil. The latter adds energy to the problem. What the guides will teach you and assist you with in this course is your own ability to access aspects of your own consciousness, as well as the collective where you can bypass the tangled webs and actually create light, flow and influence the way things manifest. 

You have the opportunity to influence benevolent outcomes by voting with your consciousness in these ways. 

In this course you will learn how to set your own energy at the level of your soul, stably, and then connect with others on the inner planes who are doing the same. Together you will create a beautiful fabric of light, a group energy body, that can truly influence the realm of human mass consciousness. 

This course contains transmissions of very refined light that may make you drowsy or alter your consciousness. Please treat it and yourself with great respect. We ask that when you listen you find a comfortable place to sit or lie, and do not drive or operate machinery. You will receive the most by lying down, turning off your phone and surrendering. You will still receive benefit if you fall asleep, which is normal. 

Thank you for your contribution! You are needed! This material will help you get and stay centered so that you can lead and offer that which you came to offer, to be fully who you came to be. You are so needed! 

With love,

Alaya and Oshira

"It helped me release a sense of struggle to find or attract those who will receive from me. I love the light shining on those I am to serve. It felt very clear and present."

"The gridwork at the end of all of us and all the organizations and other groups we are connected to was so intricate and detailed and so incredibly bright it was not easy to track it all or follow anything individually but it was powerful and astonishingly bright and very beautiful.​"

"I was guided to go deeper into connection and service in the communities of which I already am a part and also to choose which of those were the most congruent for me now.​"

"It came down to my art again. That is what I keep getting. That I am supposed to transmit this exalted place with it. To hold that very very high space."

"Wow wow I so crossed over for most of it. Woke up when you were talking about shame and I think that this is a really big thing right now. And especially hanging on to other peoples shame. Such a coping mechanism we humans practice.​"

"This was so powerful. The love poured in and did some major healing on my body. Thank you."​

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ALL of the videos and MP3's from post election 2016 through to inauguration 2017