Transitioning Souls – A True Story

As is my practice, when I’m drawn I sit, light a candle, call in my guides and ask if there are souls who need my help to transition. This practice stems from a long history of dead people jumping into my body and having all kinds of experiences—accidents, weird sensations, hearing songs. I became aware of this when I was in my early-mid 20’s and needed someone else to help me clear these beings from my body. I had a long gap where I did not have this experience and it began happening again in the last year or so, and I’ve embraced that this is part of my purpose. Helping them transition is easy for me now. And so instead of being at their mercy, waiting for them to grab my attention, I have a deal with them that when I can I’ll sit and offer my help.

Yesterday I was drawn to sit. I called in my guides, set the space and asked if there were any souls who needed my help to transition. I was taken to a group of souls who were killed in a massacre. They were stuck in the place were this occurred, and mostly were not aware they needed help. I am not sure if one of their guides got my attention, or if it was one of them who was a leader among them who had the awareness to call me. It feels a bit like both, that with this leader, he was able to ask his God for help, and the guides —his and mine— created the connection for us.

With the guides I opened a highway of light, a portal for them to transition. It was beautiful. There were many souls, stuck from the trauma. I heard wailing and was aware of many emotions and thoughts of grief, despair, disappointment, hatred and anger, etc.

With all the guides and angels that came to help, we began inviting them to awaken. We called in their angels and guides and councils, their loved ones who had passed who could come be at the border to welcome them.

We invited them to connect with all of the nature spirits, the love in the place that was there the entire time. We connected with the burned trees and trampled flora, and the living trees, plants and flowers.

There were some living souls also, and for some of the dead, they did not want to leave them. I saw in particular a little boy who had hidden and escaped the terror. He lived and has a journey ahead of him that includes living with this knowledge and trauma in his young body and system, although this is part of his souls journey. His mother didn’t want to leave him but we helped her let go.

As we helped them lift out of the emotions and thoughts that were stuck in a level of human reality that involves duality, they rose above into Love and Truth. One by one and sometimes in pairs or groups, they were able to find themselves, find their loved ones or be carried by their angels and guides through the portal into the light. Some stayed for quite a long time, very confused and stuck. They weren’t ready to let go of their fears, their anger, their need for revenge, their hate. For some, they clung to their love of this land, their body, their loved ones who had also died, or had escaped the torture and still lived. They were stuck in the pure devastation at the loss of life’s opportunity. We held space, letting them know they could take their time. There is no rush.

Some of them needed to see and understand their role in the greater service of healing Humanity and the Earth. We looked at their souls purpose and helped them see that this was part of their purpose. To have this experience, and to choose to transmute this pattern in human consciousness and in the body of the Earth, with their passing, into Love. For many of them, once we connected at this level and worked with the body of the Earth, then they were able to go in peace, knowing their contribution and the aspect of their purpose fulfilled.

For some of them they needed to complete the karma and understand the cycle that they had repeated or participated in. They had the opportunity to see the true aspects of God and to embrace this for themselves as well as for their enemies. To see past judgement, to see past hating another because of beliefs about owning land or religion. They could see how they had either hated or attacked others, how they had felt righteous about their beliefs. In this space the guides held, in this big vortex of light, they were able to rise above the conflict, drop their veils, untangle their confusion and become clear. From here they could release and transition.

They were transitioning to a new level, one they would not have been able to find without this assistance. Having transitioned inside of the emotions and thoughts without having made the shift to Love, they would have reincarnated in this gridwork of revenge and the pattern would replay again and again.

We showed them how for many of them, they had been on the other side of this dynamic in the past. They had been the ones to maim, torture and kill the others. We revealed the level beyond this cycle, the level where there is oneness, peace, truth and soul love. They were able to see the illusions, the drama being replayed because of these thought forms and emotions embedded in them and in the Earth’s body here.

The Earth in this place had a gridwork of this pattern in its tissues, and we began to unravel this together, the souls who died, the guides, the nature spirits, the soul of the Earth. We unraveled how it was enmeshed in their own systems, how it would have manifested again in their tissues if they had reincarnated before teasing this out and shifting into the light at the new level they were finding.

In the Earth’s body in this place, as we cleared the patterns, working with the ley line masters and also all the nature spirits around, we replaced this fear energy with love. As the souls cleared it from their systems, each transmuting into love, the Earth was able to release more easily. It was an orchestration of many beings. There was a gash, a wound here from where all of this energy was released. We brought it healing energy for these Earth tissues. It looked like a hole in the Earth that was filled in with a new gridwork of light in its place. Very raw, like a gash in a human body, raw and vulnerable but with the capacity and wisdom to heal.

We completed this process, every soul transitioned, the Earth healing. We thanked all involved, and I thanked all involved for the opportunity to use my gifts and skills, to be received and to contribute. I closed the session.

I do not know exactly where this was or when it took place, but it felt like Syria and it felt recent.