Live Your Life Purpose by Oshira Transcript


Live Your Life Purpose

By Oshira through Alaya

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Good and welcome.

Allowing yourselves now to imagine that there are perhaps hands of light touching the back of your chest and the area of your heart. You might imagine that there was a seed, or a ball of light in between your shoulder blades. Good, some of you might have the sense of an opening or broadening, as if you had wings, or perhaps a sensation of heat or support.

Good, and allowing yourself to breathe and settle. Opening your throat as you breathe just noticing any place your body is holding tension. Allowing yourself to breathe into your hips. Feeling yourself supported.


Allowing yourself to sink even more into the weight of the surface upon which you rest. Bringing your awareness to the hips, to the legs, to the sense of the tone of gravity beneath you. That the tone of gravity in the Earth’s body is reaching to connect with you, reminding you of its stable presence. Seeing if you can feel this sense of connection, perhaps as if you have little rivers or streams of energy, perhaps like the roots of the tree, moving down into the Earth, spreading broad, moving deeply, however it is for you.

Seeing if you can notice 360 degrees around your body, that there is the system of rooting, that you are a human being, a being of light and a being of the Earth. And so your source is both the Earth and the matter of the Earth and the energies of the Earth but is also the light and consciousness that you are. The energy from which you hail as a conscious being of light.


And in these spaces together we blend as souls and yet we are individually connected, sovereign beings, free. Good, having the sense now of the light of your soul, of your own soul and greater consciousness now, however you imagine this, perhaps a gentle trickle of a shower of light. Perhaps a sense of a stream of light, golden energy or some other color. Good. Beginning to stream into and through the back of your head and neck. And in the center of your body there is a connection that begins to find its way to harmony between the roots and this sun of yours.

Taking a couple of breaths and just relaxing now, allowing yourself to receive, however you do, these energies that are you. And just as the tone of gravity is steady, is constant, is something that you rely on, when you wake up in the morning and you sit up and you put your feet down on to the Earth, you are not surprised that you are not floating off of your bed. You expect to be held. And there is a truth in each of you, your own energy signature, that has this quality of consistency. A tone that is steady, that is your essence, your truth. That is what others feel and know about you, that is how they recognize you as energy.


Very good.

Just allowing that to settle now. And having the sense of contentment in your own energy space, your own energy sphere, cocoon. Imagining now that there is a pillar of light, perhaps a guide that is holding a certain tone of resonance for you. You could imagine even that you were being approached by three guides of light about you. That they were holding and resonating for you a certain tone of energy, almost like mirrors amplifying this truth, this essence, this note of who you are as a being of light.

Bringing your awareness now to some part of your body whatever you are drawn to is fine and being curious about, as your awareness is drawn more deeply into the flesh, into the cells, perhaps, into the plasma, the little organelles inside of your cells, or however you are being drawn to whatever level. And notice here as if you could taste this frequency, this energy  that is you. Here it is even in your cells, even in the marrow of your bones.

And as the shower of energy trickles into your system that your skin is able to absorb, perhaps a lot, or perhaps a little, it does not matter. Having the sense that this essence that seeps into your skin, seeps into this cell, this structure in your body, and the cell is able to exhale, ahhhh. That there is a relaxation in the recognition,

I am free to be this that I am. I allow myself to rest in this stable tone of my own vibration, my own soul’s purpose.

And as that one little structure exhales and settles and delights in this simplicity of remembering alignment, remembering nourishment in this way that is so effortlessly yours. The stream or the sun above you becomes even clearer, even stronger, and your whole system begins to exhale and to open to receive.


Very good, you are doing great.


Bringing your awareness now to your hips, your pelvis, perhaps even the level of the solar plexus and diaphragm. Remembering the tone of gravity, remembering the sense of roots. Allowing your awareness to drop to the place where the root tips meet the soil of the earth. An awareness of an energy exchange that happens there at the tip of the root. An energy exchange, that you are contributing something and you receiving something here at this place where your roots interface with the body of the earth.

So that as this essence is being absorbed, is beginning to saturate and resonate the tissues in your body, that there is freedom to release that which is not a match for who you are. And having the sense that there is transmutation in the soil. That this energy that perhaps you have taken on from others, or have picked up as lint as you have walked through your life, is not good or bad energy; it is a usable energy that can be transmuted into nourishing energy for the Earth and for other sentient beings. So you are free to release the roles, the thoughts, the emotions, the visions of who you are, perhaps that were place upon you by your parents, or by your children, or other people that you have interacted with in your life.

Calling in now the energy of joy. As if the droplets of light in the space joining the energy of your purpose are filled with the fragrance, the tone, and the essence of joy. Good. So that there can be joy and celebration in this release. That whatever projections or images that you have accepted from others, that you can let them go with humor, with love.

Oh well that’s not who I am. I wasn’t aware that that was something I had accepted as mine. Nope, not for me.

And just let it go. It does not need to be a drama of letting go, just simply recognize that is not a match, let that be okay, and allow it to wash in the river and the stream of this energy of purpose. Good, that is becoming stronger and clearer and purer in your system.


Just breathing and connecting once again with the idea of the energy that is flowing in around your body, perhaps through your head and neck, or in some other way, like lotion or droplets on your skin.  Allowing your breath, the diaphragm, the throat, the hips to settle and open. And feeling that sense of release and ease of roots flowing into the Earth, and the sense that there is an exchange of energy here.

As you liberate yourself to become and be, this pure tone of your purpose, as you allow yourself to know yourself as this purity, and you liberate and release the things, the jobs, the roles, the energies that are not yours, you will find yourself drawn into relationships, situations, and opportunities that match you, that feel like home, where there is joy and grace and ease. As you release these projections and these roles and energies that are not you, you liberate the others around you to do the same. And if you can imagine, as we talk a bit about group work, this allows the whole to work in harmony without competition. This allows your family, your community, your country to operate in a state of flow, in a state of connection, in a state of abundance, rather than competition, rather than lack, rather than fear. Everyone has a place just as intrinsic to the earth as gravity is, and as much as we all rely on gravity to sustain life here, to hold you safe and secure, so does the delicate balance of the energies of beings who inhabit this planet. That there is the potential for harmony, there is the potential for stability in an ecosystem when all of its parts are authentically being what they were designed to be.

And so as a leader, as someone who can access and to choose to hold and resonate these tones that are you, you act as a leader for your family, for your community, because there is so much distortion and disconnection and misalignment in your species, that there is sickness, there is war, there is destruction. Now you know that in any creation cycle, there must be destruction, and so that is fine. However there is a sickness of destruction that is not healthy as it should be. And so by making the choice to be here, to listen to this, these words, to resonate with us in this purity and these tones of grace, you are making a contribution to the earth and to your species by emanating the tone of your own purpose.


Very powerful action.

So now what we would like for you to do is to breathe once again and have that sense of your body, and the skin and the bones, and your sovereign space as energy. A cocoon or a column of clear light, filled with your essence, with a clear luminous boundary, and beginning to have sense that you are forming a circle. That the souls who are listening to this in time and throughout time, so if you are in a group of people, of bodies, that you could imagine that size of circle, but when you start to tune in to the souls that will join this energy at a later time, that you might notice the circle begins to expand. Allowing it just to be as big as you imagine that feels good to you. Plenty of space around you, between you and the person next to you. What would it be like if all of the souls on Earth were this aligned, sovereign, free, connected, knowing who they are?

Bring your awareness to your hearts. As if there were a little light or fire in your heart. That you become aware of the little sparks of light or big balls of light in the souls who are to your left and to your right. You might be aware that your guide is standing behind or near you, and their guides are standing behind or near you. And if you have been working with three guides of light, they may still be with you.

Good, just breathing and allowing this amplification of your heart to allow an emanation of your purpose, an emanation of your essence. As if the group were creating together, weaving together colors, patterns, creating a beautiful pattern together.

Just noticing this however you do. You might imagine that there is a group sun in the middle of the circle that is being fed by the emanations and the colors and the lights of all of the purpose, of all of the tones of the souls that are gathered. You might be aware of building and growing joy, and tones of grace and tones of ease. What if human beings could see one another as they truly are?

What if I could be known and seen as who I truly am?

So you might with your imagination pick someone in the circle to look at with respect, just to observe. What are their colors and notes and patterns? What sense do you get from them if you are not visual? Depth, movement, a certain sound?

And you might notice, thanking that being, observing another in the circle and noticing how it’s different and delighting in that difference.

Oh, this one is more playful. This one is taller. This one is green, the other was purple. Whatever it is, just noticing what you notice.

Very good.

And thanking that being telepathically, and coming back to yourself, being curious.

I wonder what people notice about me when they observe me.

Seeing if you can open your mind, bringing your awareness now to your third eye, the energy in the center of your head. And instead of receiving projections that are coming from someone’s ego or need, of what they need from you, open to receive the images from your guides, from your soul and greater consciousness, from your counsel, and perhaps from other pure beings who can see you, who can really see you in this way. Allow yourself to see yourself, and to be seen and known.


You might feel others delight in seeing you this way. Oh, they might say, this one is spectacular. Look at that color, look at that movement, wow, amazing!  That is you. This is the gift that you offer to the world when you allow yourself to be and to live your purpose.

Where would you be without gravity? It is something that is essential. Allow your whole system to understand that this you, this truth and essence that is you, essence, essential, beautiful.

Good. Allow yourself to be, and notice and feel and sense however you do this note and tone of your own purpose.


Very good.

So there are guides with you who might be helping your system open to receive the level of your mind or emotions or body, or some other level soul integration. Breathing and allowing this to whatever degree is right for you today, knowing that you can come back anytime. Allowing the roots to open and expand, deepen and widen, however they need to, to help you stabilize this energy of your own system, harmonizing with the earth. Realizing that your essence is nourishing also for the body of the earth when you are aligned in this way.

Good, very good.

Very, very good.

So as this is continuing, you might remember that you are in circle. So just lifting your awareness now to notice how the circle has expanded, to notice the richness of the energy body that you are creating and of the gift that you are making for humanity. That there are guides here who are going to help to share this gift as consciousness, as light, as information, for souls who are ready for this shift, souls you may know or that you may never meet. And just allowing these guides to assist you as a group to emanate this beautiful music.

If you like, you could imagine the Earth, perhaps like you have seen it in the movies, from afar, as a globe, as a planet. You might notice that there are lights along the planet you might drawn to a particular place on the planet. That these lights are other souls who are opening to receive this information and to experience themselves as their essence and purpose.

Good, very good.

Ahhhh, they relax when they  receive this energy, they have been hungry for this energy and this information. So allowing their gratitude to flow back to you, to your heart. Knowing that you have made a contribution even as you have nourished yourself here

So allowing that emanation to continue to go out through time and space however it does, knowing that it is flowing exactly where it needs to go. Knowing that you have contributed to this and that we in the realms of light are grateful for your generosity. And beginning to let that go.

Good, very good.

Beginning to have a sense of your own guides. And just telepathically acknowledging the others in the circle that you have been co-creating with. Thanking them telepathically, emanating, receiving.

Good. And letting them go, letting them dissipate in your awareness. Letting this blending of sovereign beings begin to transition now.



Good, very good. Allow your guides that you are working with just to help you hold a focus of your own center. Beginning to let the group go with gratitude. Remembering your roots.

Good, perhaps bringing your awareness to your pelvis or tailbone or feet. Perhaps remembering that note of gravity.

Good, very good.

Very nice.

Just continuing to come back now into your own center, the sense of you inviduated being, bringing your awareness, good, to your skin and bones, the weight of yourself supported, the sensations that you might be experiencing. Telepathically thanking your guides, knowing that your guides will continue to work with you, helping you to digest and integrate. Taking a moment now to recall or remember, to bring back to your conscious mind anything that you would like to remember. Breathing and sinking into the surface where you are resting. Good, very good.  Just breathing and resting, allowing your whole system to organize. You might remember that cell that you worked with, noticing that there are a lot of cells now in your body that are resonating, humming this note or song of you. An awareness of the roots, deeper, wider, perhaps, alive. An awareness of the light of your own soul and greater consciousness flowing through your system. Your body and your energy aligned, centered, whole, harmonized.


Just continuing to come back now.

Good, once again feeling your skin and bones, the weight of yourself supported. Thanking your guides telepathically. Thanking your whole being, your whole system, your body, and your personality, and all aspects of yourself thanking for opening to receive and understand yourself in this way and others in this way.

Very, very good.

Very good.

So just letting all of it go. Continuing to bring your awareness back to present time and space, resting and integrating as long you like.

Good. And so coming back now. And with that for now, we are so grateful for this opportunity to be with you and to play and co-create with you in this way. And we wish you so much joy and pleasure on your journey.

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