Body Elixir – Weight Loss and Pattern Completion

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Complete patterns that are at the root of destructive or unwanted behaviors and manifestations. Originally conceived as a meditation for weight loss, Oshira managed to pack in so much more to this guided meditation. You can use this daily or as needed to help with underlying patterns affecting your weight or other aspects of your life that are not serving you. Clear these old patterns and heal yourself at the root.

anonymousI remember I got the message saying “Okay we’re gonna let it go now”, and then halfway through I felt like I was getting hungry again, that same old feeling, but then it went away again, my stomach started just gurgling but then the next thing you know that hunger feeling went away. I don’t feel like I have to eat a foot-long sandwich right now. I felt such shift in my body, I think it’s a good product. I highly recommend it.

–Carolina Nimmer, CMT, HTP, Concord, CA


kathy_g_headshot I thought it was nice that it kept going back to the pattern, allowing us to realize we’re perfect in the moment and that at the end we might just need to let the pattern go and realize that it will be fine.

–Kathy Gallucci, Boston Massachussetts


Me in a red dressThis journey is beautiful.  The guides help you connect with your body and start to learn the roots of body issues or behaviors that you may be experiencing.  It is more than a weight loss journey; it’s a journey to help you appreciate and love your body and, if the timing is right, to help you and your body make behavioral shifts that may not longer serve you.  Changing your eating patterns or engaging in physical activity to achieve weight loss may be a result of deeper inner work.

One thing that came up that blew my mind, is that all of a sudden I saw myself on an airplane, and in my real life I hate flying. I don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden something shifted, and I was fine imagining myself flying, I was enjoying it.  As I was in the plane, I became comfortable and excited to fly.  At my personality level, I don’t know what type of pathway I created that associated fear of flying with my body, but this journey helped heal that pathway.  An incredible and totally unexpected benefit of this journey!

–Alyssa Johnson, Intuitive Healer and Channel

linderpix-19773-150x150I re-listened to the journey today. Wow, what a doozy of goodness!

We have an ongoing relationship with our body., and I think this is a product that people can really sink their teeth into and listen to on a daily basis, or as an ongoing project. I loved how it is about getting into agreement, like the kind of thing that you’re experiencing can be perfect just the way it is. And then it was such a gentle evolution from there, of connecting with this guide that has been with you since childhood.

I think it was really beautiful how they kind of set it up as something that you can come back to over and over and over again. The image I was getting was like a pinball. When a pinball is coming down the board, it kind of plinks its way down. And so even though there’s a lot there, and there’s a lot of more subtle things that someone who’s new to this may not understand consciously, I feel like the energy of it will plink down into their system and touch little places on the way.

For me personally, it was really kind of cool, there were several things going on. I saw the overeating, I saw it go back to my dad’s family line, and the inability to have emotional nourishment, like undeveloped emotional capacities, and that they were putting food first as a source of nourishment for their emotions. And it kind of felt in my body “Oh that’s easy, you can release that now”, and then I got a message just to keep going back to the emotional flow and mental fluidity,  just keep working with that.

–Lauren Harkness,

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