Roots and World Service

Do you feel at home on the Earth? In your hometown? In this meditation, Oshira takes you on a journey to a spot on the Earth that has particular resonance[…]

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Exploring Your Soul Group

Why did you and your soul group come to Earth? When did you and your soul group come to Earth, originally? What is the essence and Purpose of your soul[…]

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Conscious Community

Creating Conscious Community

What’s up in human evolution? Conscious community and group work. It’s now. It’s next. Our souls long to be in community, yet our personalities aren’t always on board. For some,[…]

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Making Soul Choices

Clear the cacophony of expectations and other people’s opinions,  get centered and make the choice your Soul would make – a Soul choice. How do you know you are making[…]

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Boundaries, Discernment and Being Source

Explore your boundaries–your skin and sensory perception (eyes, ears, mouth, skin, etc), your energetic boundaries and your cell membrane. What is the intelligence that determines what you are receptive to?[…]

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Becoming Joy

Navigate your life on a path of Joy. This is a wonderful guided meditation to help you rise on the emotional scale and hold a steady tone of Joy in[…]

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Melt Away Your Sadness

Begin your journey up the emotional scale. In this guided meditation, let an Angel lift your burden and soothe your emotions. Break through the fog of your despair, and allow[…]

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Create Your Ideal Day

Co-create today with and as Source. Wake up with the light of the Sun inside your cells, brimming with enthusiasm for being alive. With this guided meditation, set the energies[…]

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Embrace Your Body: A Journey for Soul Embodiment

A gentle yet powerful guided meditation to soothe your spirit and open your body to receive. Guides and angels assist you as you embody more of the light of your[…]

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Falling in Love with Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a key to Freedom. You free the other, you free yourself. In this guided meditation, release resistance and open to Oshira’s perspective, forgiveness can be quite a joyful[…]

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