Creating Conscious Community

Conscious Community
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What’s up in human evolution?

Conscious community and group work. It’s now. It’s next.

Our souls long to be in community, yet our personalities aren’t always on board. For some, community comes naturally. Others struggle with groups and prefer to be on our own.  If you can’t recognize this difficulty in your own life you only have to take a look at the news or entertainment. DRAMA! Conflict, wars, drama built from competition. It’s part of our animal survival instinct.

Are we as a species evolving?

Are you on the evolutionary wave?
How do we shift our seat of awareness to the soul level where cooperation and collaboration are easy?

For some of us community comes naturally, and others of us struggle with groups and prefer to be on our own.  How do we relate in community with compassion, consciousness and harmony rather than competition or fear?

How do we respectfully address our needs and survival instincts for attention, money, food, sex, shelter and love?

How do we focus on soul love?

Many of the souls coming to the planet are wired for group work and conscious community. It is their joy and greatest understanding. They will be our teachers and leaders.

Does this describe you?

Would you like to jump into this wave of evolution, contribute, and co-create?

This meditation was recorded live with a group of young men and women whose purpose resonates with group work and conscious community. Via this mp3, you can join us as we generate a group energy field and explore creating conscious community.

Experience your heart and connection with others as your soul does and contribute to the vision you have of how it can be here. Contribute to peace on Earth.

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