Integrated Mind and Heart: Creating Intimacy & Peace, Emanating Love

MP3 Download | 47 minutes 3 seconds

See and be seen with the eyes of your soul, set a steady tone of Love. When others act out, you witness their personality response yet are focused steadily with eyes of love on their true essence.

Shift your seat of consciousness to your Soul, create pathways and structures for your mind and heart to be connected in an integrated, fluid way.

Travel through the Earth’s body to another location, exchanging love and information with the souls embodied in that area to co-create healing and peace.

This meditation was recorded live in San Francisco during a full moon event. Participants present asked for help with intimacy, attracting a mate, clarifying current relationships, clearing anger and pain from their bodies, loving and being responsible for personality patterns that cause difficulty in their relationships, experiencing Universal Love and creating Peace in the Self and in the world. No small task! The guides weaved a beautiful journey remarkably addressing each aspect. We hope you enjoy it!