Live Your Life Purpose

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What does it mean to live your life purpose?

Everyone is talking about life purpose,  and many of us have a sense of urgency around our life purpose and creating a life with right livelihood.

In this journey, Oshira helps you liberate and release the things, the jobs, the roles, the energies that are not yours. This includes letting go of aspects of your identity that you took on from your family of origin.

As you do this, you will find yourself drawn into relationships, situations, and opportunities that match you, that feel like home, where there is joy and grace and ease.

So the first step is releasing all that isn’t yours, and allowing yourself to know, to have, to be this essence, this note of who you are as a being of light.

What if I could be known and seen as who I truly am?

As we drop our veils in a group at the soul level, we create the opportunity to really be seen for the truth of who we are, without all the stuff we thought we needed to survive here.

Amplify your ability to stay centered in your seat of authentic power and to live your life purpose as this is being reflected back to you by other souls who are choosing the same.

It’s a gift when others allow you to see them and hold space for them in this way. Together we create a field that helps us hold a steady tone of who we are, and to stand clearly in the light of our life purpose so that we can live and manifest our life purpose.

Liberate yourself to become and be, this pure tone of your purpose.