Making Soul Choices

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Clear the cacophony of expectations and other people’s opinions,  get centered and make the choice your Soul would make – a Soul choice.

How do you know you are making a decision that is going to fit with the you of next year?

How can you make choices that create forms, opportunities, relationships, experiences that grow with you?

Sometimes, it’s hard to see clearly or hear your guidance confidently. It can be difficult to know which path is in alignment with your greater life purpose and joy.

There are  many valid ways to choose that may lead you to the most benevolent outcome.

By what compass do you normally navigate?

  • From your mind, with data and facts?
  • From your emotions and feelings, navigating toward what feels good or what feels off?
  • From your body? Listening to your gut?

In this meditation, Oshira will help you get centered and connected as your Soul to examine a choice, so that you can confidently take your next steps,  developing the potentials within you that will bring you greatest joy.

Enjoy the transcript

Me in a red dressDuring this meditation I connected again with my soul, that beautiful light that you’ve worked with us before. I just love that space so much.

It just is so expansive and calming and serene and I just kind of rise above my fears and it feels like anything is possible.

It’s reassuring that whatever steps that we take or whatever our choices are, we can be really be centered in our knowing as we choose. I think this mp3 can be really really really helpful for people who are a little bit more awakened.

–Alyssa Johnson, Intuitive Healer and Channel

linderpix-19773-150x150I loved what they said about that sometimes you’re living the choices now that were created from when you were at a different consciousness level, and that really resonated for me.

This could be really helpful for people who tend to say yes to everything, like I do, for how to hear your deeper truth and your true inner knowing.

–Lauren Harkness,

kathy_g_headshot This meditation is gorgeous. I get a sense that there are messages in this mp3 that reach different levels for us, depending on the time we listen to it and what’s happening at that time.

I look forward to hearing it again, to see what else presents itself and comes up for me.

–Kathy Gallucci, Boston Massachussetts

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