Meet Your Guide

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This meditation is an opportunity for you to meet your guide, or strengthen the relationship you already have with a high guide of light. Oshira helps you understand the opportunity to meet your guide in equal partnership.

“..[there is] something that is important about having a relationship with your guide, a guide of this type, and that is being self-responsible for the way that you organize your own energy, using the tools and the skills that you have to create harmony and flow in your own system….you’re responsible for the way that you show up and the way that you decide to meet your guide. And so we have said meet your guide, and that can mean being introduced but it can also mean meeting the guide showing up  as your best self.”

anonymousI’ve often wondered how to hear my guides and who they are. This gave me a gentle, supported way to meet them formally and to begin a more conscious collaboration together. — Shawn, Venice, CA


anonymousI’ve been working with Alaya and Oshira for years. What I found to be validating, and surprising (although this type of experience happens frequently with them) is that as I was having a specific experience of feeling very tall after meeting my quide Oshira described exactly what was happening as it was happening to me. I felt very grounded but excited. One of Alaya and Oshira’s great talents is to make you feel like your experience is valid and that you are welcome to relax into new territory. They take the extraordinary spiritual experience and allow you to feel grounded, safe and invigorated as you stretch into new realities. You’ll treasure your time spent working with them to connect with your guide.  –Sara, Santa Monica, CA


This meditation was recorded live in Venice, California. One of our participants asked, “What’s next?  How do I develop the relationship with my guide further?” For those of you who desire to take the next step, consider our live course, Partnership with Light Beings.


*disclaimer* This meditation was recorded live and there is a spot where the microphone “fritzed” causing a dissonant sound. It is not something our sound engineer could fix. It’s one small part, but it’s on the original recording and we wanted you to be aware before you purchased. It doesn’t interfere with the quality of the transmission or message.