Melt Away Your Sadness

MP3 Download | 15 minutes, 35 seconds

Begin your journey up the emotional scale. In this guided meditation, let an Angel lift your burden and soothe your emotions. Break through the fog of your despair, and allow yourself to heal in the arms of the angels. Allow your emotions to flow and begin to open to the fulfillment of joy.

Melting away Sadness really helped me with my grieving for my best friend, who died one year ago today.  Genuine thanks.

RECOMMENDED: Rise up the emotional scale! Excellent in combination with Becoming Joy. Begin with Melt Away Your Sadness and follow immediately with Becoming Joy to rise up the emotional scale. We have seen this work wonders for people shifting from a funk to sparkly joy in just 30 minutes. BUY TOGETHER.

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Categories: Self Awareness