Exploring Your Soul Group

MP3 Download | 44:05

Why did you and your soul group come to Earth?

When did you and your soul group come to Earth, originally?

What is the essence and Purpose of your soul group? Which qualities that you assumed were just your friend’s personality are actually an aspect of her soul group?

Do you know any members of your soul group in this life? How would you recognize them, how would you know?

What is the difference between a soul mate and a member of your soul group?

Enjoy this recording from a live event in Wollongong, Australia. **The first version we are making available for 2 weeks is the unedited recording. That is available only for these first 2 weeks. After that we will have an abridged version with music in the background available for you. If you purchase this first version, we will send you the new mp3 when we switch.

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