Partnership with Light Beings – Friends in Other Dimensions

Partnership with Light Beings  Level I

Is it time for you to begin or deepen your partnership with non-physical helpers and guides?

  • Does your life’s work and world service involve light beings or partners in other dimensions?
  • Do you have an interdimensional family, ready for you to remember them?
  • Have you been drawn to channeled materials?
  • Do you work with a muse in your art, writing, or business?
  • Have you been on a path of growth for a long time and something has been missing or just out of reach, some connection that you can taste, touch, feel, sense but you need for it to be more clear?

In this class you will have the opportunity to…

…deepen and gain clarity about relationships you may already have with benevolent, high-frequency beings of light.

…become conscious of these relationships, perhaps for the first time in this lifetime.

Some of us are very old souls, here to develop and master skills of living in the earth plane. Some of us have connections and relationships with beings who do not live in this dimension. They may be are our friends, partners, family, and our biggest fans and allies.

In some cases, we are the emissary in the earth plane for this group. We are the ones who need to show up, heal ourselves, and be the one to fulfill our destiny in this dimension.

Some of our non-physical helpers will help us on our growth journey. Some are waiting for us to be ready to partner with them, so that together we fulfill a greater mission or destiny than we or they could fulfill alone.

Are you ready to engage this level of your purpose?

In this live Zoom course you will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet your friends in other dimensions, guides, interdimensional family–whatever connections are drawing you to this opportunity
  • Connect, blend, bond with them
  • Understand your shared purpose
  • Develop pathways for communication with them
  • Creating the beginnings of a plan and understanding your next steps
  • Understand your own energy signature and boundary, in comparison
  • Connect with other human beings who are exploring, living at this level, raising their frequency and clarifying their own purpose
  • Come back to yourself. Remember why you are here and who you are.


  • Wednesday October 16th 10am-12pm PST
  • Saturday October 26th 11am-1pm PST
  • Sunday November 3rd 11am-1pm PST


Live on Zoom. You will receive the registration information when you sign up. This course will be recorded and you may participate in your own timing. If you can attend some or all of the classes live that is ideal and recommended. We have students around the world and have offered different times with the intention that you can join some of the sessions live.


$250 US

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Note from Alaya:

The beings who asked me to offer this course are ready to engage with you now.  We are all excited to get together and explore these connections with you. Tune in to your body, emotions. Notice how you feel when you read this course page, when you look at the picture. You will know if this is for you. There may be a live Level II course to follow this Level I course with an opportunity to learn to channel, in addition to next levels to develop your practical relationship with these beings. This is the place to start and may be all you need. The upcoming Foundations and Vision courses may also be richer for you with these connections in place.

We look forward to being with you!