Private Sessions

CK_Headshots_2014_104838Hello and welcome to my world of soul embodiment, source embodiment, multi-dimensional awareness, play, and development.

Ready to heal, create and go to the next level? Group work is incredibly powerful and sometimes you need to focus more on specific, personal details. Sometimes you need more privacy. My practice is open for new clients at the moment. If you desire a different connection with and support from me than a group may provide, privates may be right for you.


Topics that my work has helped to heal or create in the past include:


  • Infertility
  • Autism
  • Cancer
  • Physical injury and pain
  • Healing from childhood trauma including sexual abuse
  • Addiction


  • Shifting from a 6 figure income to 7 figures
  • Creating a new career
  • Writing a musical
  • Filling an acupuncture practice
  • Creating a family
  • Creating a home
  • Healthy relationships including soul mate connections
  • Relationship with one or more guides

The path to private sessions is as follows:

  • You may sign up for a single session or purchase a discounted package along with your Foundations course at this time. We recommend you work with some of our meditations prior to your appointment. You will receive more benefit if you are not coming in cold.
  • Referral from a healer/health professional known to me.
  • 1:1 Zoom conversation with me. Serious inquiries only. Sign up here.
  • Graduation from Foundations for Group Work and World Service
  • Go to the class and appointment sign up page and see what is available.

The work I offer is deep and can be very effective and efficient. This work requires your readiness and commitment. You are paying for an energy shift, not time. We have a container of time, but you are paying for a shift.

In some cases, one session has healed cancer that historically had taken the lives of all the women in the family. One session has healed a lifetime of chronic pain, or years of infertility. Just ONE session.

One person jumped their income from 6 to 7 figures quickly after a package of 6 sessions.

Years of infertility have shifted after 9 weeks of a group class and a few appointments. For others, it has required 10 months or more of committed work with private sessions, or a couple of years of group work. And in some cases it has happened in one or two private sessions.

What looks like miracles are possible for you. However, your pace, your results, your experience will depend on your soul’s plan, your willingness to dive into what may be uncomfortable, your current level of development, and other factors. Your results are not up to my guides or me, they are up to you, your soul.

Together we may address layers and content that otherwise might not be available for you or might take years to access. In most cases, we recommend that you begin with a package of 3 sessions. The guides will assess the energetic shifts and the minimum number of sessions to begin to create results you seek, and will recommend a package specifically for you. We can do this on your 1:1 Zoom or during your first session if you are guided to book one session first.

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I look forward to meeting you!