Welcome from Alaya and Oshira

Welcome and thanks for visiting!

It is our understanding that true collaboration can only happen when you are Free. What does that mean to you, to be Free?

The basis of our work hinges on Soul Embodiment and Freedom, the integration not only of the split off aspects of the personality, but also the integration of the aspects of the Soul, threading all disparate patterns through the eye of the needle of the heart in present time, or simultaneous time, to create freedom for each individual.

In most cases we find a need to clear generational karma and to re-craft the genetic lineage, selecting the aspects that are useful in the new paradigm, that are useful to future generations, and releasing the rest with love. We co-create with the cellular consciousness along with loving beings in the realms of light, a human body that is receptive to Source in a way that is liberating indeed.

We believe that individuals whose purpose it is to live into and co-create the new paradigm will naturally be drawn to the resources, support as well as inner knowing to cause the arc of freedom to be completed. This arc of completion will be as wonderfully unique as each individual who takes the journey.

Once Freedom has been attained and one is embodied inside of the new paradigm, then there is the opportunity to experience a new kind of partnership, collaboration and group work than has previously been available for that individual.

This shift is happening and will continue to happen on a much grander scale, a global scale, and is beginning to ripple throughout the mass consciousness. For many years we have been co-creating this gridwork with many beings, some from this dimension who are pioneers as well as with many beings who do not reside within your dimension. You may know yourself to be a pioneer in this way, or may be drawn to this evolutionary process anew.

There are many teachers coming forth at this time to bring through these teachings from their own unique perspective, and so we consider this to be a divine orchestration, and recommend that you eat of the fruits that attract you and allow yourself to be free to commit, to navigate, to flow and move in ways that fulfill and delight you.

While you may experiment for some time, we believe you will fall into your own very special groove and will find yourself very much at home and at peace in a way you have always known was possible, from deep within you.

We are filled with joy that the time is here and now to play together in community, with journeys, transmissions, classes, small groups and whatever else unfolds for us to co-create. Please join us.

With love,
Alaya and Oshira