Work with Alaya

CK_Headshots_2014_104838Hello and welcome to my world of soul embodiment, source embodiment, multi-dimensional awareness, play, and development.

Would you like to work with me one-on-one? Right now, you can. The option to book a private session becomes available after your first purchase. Your purchase (even a $3 meditation) gives you access to a members area where you will find the information to book your session.

IMG_0076New clients have the opportunity to choose a package of three private sessions, and receive three meditations to work with in order to prepare for the first session.

If you’d like to start at a more leisurely pace, then I recommend beginning with an mp3 that speaks to you or following us on periscope @alayaoshira for our live meditations. You can purchase past live meditations here.

Explore meditations and find your perfect place to begin:

Our regular mp3’s

Meditation Fish

CLASSES–Classes are always a great way to connect and learn and play in the energies together. We attract the most amazing, talented students who are self-responsible, committed, caring, old souls who are truly a joy. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming classes and be ready to commit to your own path of joy and evolution in new ways.

Are you creating a family? Please go to and listen to our podcast, watch our videos and resource yourself with our tele-seminars. You also have access to private sessions once you’ve purchased a class or meditation from vibrationalchild.

I highly recommend using the resources I’ve provided at low cost before choosing a private because it will help you acclimate to the energies, create what I perceive as energy organelles ~ aspects in your energy field that serve as receptors to help you receive the high frequencies we work with.

Imagine the difference between water running off soil that is hard and too dry, versus water permeating, sinking in and going straight to the roots to nurture a plant and help it to thrive and grow. The mp3’s help you become receptive soil.

If you are guided and feel clear that you are ready to go straight to a private session, you will receive three meditations to listen to before your first session, and these will have the desired effect. Please listen to each one ideally 3 times. Thank you!

IMG_0088This is a co-creation. We meet you where you are and help you go to the next levels available to you, according to your own Soul and Greater Consciousness. We look forward to knowing you. 🙂