Work with Alaya

CK_Headshots_2014_104838Hello and welcome to my world of soul embodiment, source embodiment, multi-dimensional awareness, play, and development.

At this time I am available for private work with clients of and former students and clients. Meditations and prior live courses are available here for you to work with. All of them will help you on your journey to soul embodiment and the fulfillment of your unique life purpose.

I offer privates and classes to my email list first, and then depending on how much room I have in the class I may post them here or on the vibrational child website, or on facebook or twitter. The best way for you to get on my list is to either opt-in at if you are creating a family, or purchase a meditation or course if you are an old soul and world server looking for your next steps.

You are welcome to email me if you feel particularly drawn to private work. If I feel it too, we can look at a session or package of sessions to assist you with your process.


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